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A visit to Aroy Chang Moo Kata Thai Restaurant Burma Lane Penang

Previously Pulau Tikus were conquered by Japan cuisine but recently i notice Thai cuisine had taken over this role. Or we should called it little Thailand? Aroy Chang Moo Kata is one of the shinning star among others Thai restaurant. Aroy Chang Moo Kata had opened for business for 1 year but it capture the stomach of a lots customer. This is because they been serving a good sized portion and reasonable price authentic Thai cuisine. Moreover the price is NETT, mean that there will be no service and government charges. The food serve here is cooked by a Changmai Thai chef.

Simple and cozy Aroy Chang Moo Kata Thai Restaurant.

I like most is that food place which is clean and simple.

You can learn a few Thai language doh.

There is a Thai gal figuring welcoming the customer when dine in. 

Lemongrass juice, RM1.50. It is really a refreshing drink, it was cooked with ginger, lemongrass and pandan leaves. It have a strong lemongrass smell and mild ginger and pandan smell after drink. It is believe to have a lot medication value which improve your health. 

Somtam ,Young Papaya Salad, Rm 8. It is a good appetizer. It contain shredded raw papaya,  raw long bean, raw tomato,  raw chilies, roasted groundnut and serve in lime juice and fish sauce. To be honest, this is not my kind of dish. As i am not so use to raw ingredient but i heard some of the guys love it. 

Pla Phad Phed, deep fried whole sea bass with spicy sauce Rm35-45. It is really mouth watering and sweating dish. I can't eat that spicy. Although the dish is good but it also torture me. I love the sauce very much. It go well with rice. 

Tom Yam Nam Sai, Clear Seafood Tom Yam With Fresh Prawns, Squid and Fish, Rm 15-25. It is actually a Thai Tom Yam, the normal Tom Yam we get in Malaysia is a evolution of this dish. Our Tom Yam added in curry powder. That is why our Tom Yam is red. Btw, this Tom Tam Nam Sai is super spicy to me. Another torturing dish to me but not to spicy lover. 

Clockwise - 1. Cha Om Omelette, it serve well with thai chilies sauce. 2. Tamarind Prawns in Basil, Rm 3.50/ pcs, minimum order of 6 pieces). Love the sour sauce that serve on top. Nicely done prawn with crispy texture with some appetizing sauce, GOOD. 3. Larbmoo, Minced Pork With Fried Rice Flakes Rm 12. Another crying dish for me, it contain boom inside the dish - CHILLI PADI. 4. Khoon Ob Woon Sen, glass noodles Baked In Pot Rm15. I believe this is a all time favorite just because this is the grass noodle suck up all the delicious sauce. Yummy yummy, though of that i am drilling already. 

Next to come is the signature dish for Aroy Chang Moo Kata - Moo Kata. I know is lame :) Here you can get a charcoal Moo Kata. Everything cooked with charcoal is always better, why? This is because according to study, charcoal will release a far infrared when it is burn. This ray is the reason why dishes smelled and cooked better, that is what we called charcoal smell. Beside charcoal, Aroy Chang Moo Kata also using 2 big pieces of pork lard. Compare with bar b q plaza, Moo Kata serve here way better. The Moo Kata set sold here is for 2 ~ 3 pax at RM30. 

Dishes you will get from the set. 

Crave for Moo Kata? Think Aroy Chang Moo Kata.

Sweet ending with tub tim krob. 

Aroy Chang Moo Kata also offer tiffin food delivery. 
Overall it is really a adventure for me as i am not a spicy lover, although it is a torturing dinner but i enjoy it :)
Disclaimer: This is a personal food blog. The opinions expressed here are my own, based on my personal taste buds; others may have different opinions. Also, as we all know, qualities & standards of individual restaurants/food may change over time, so do note the time stamp on this review.

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Poreo Beach Party At Bora Bora By Sunset Penang

3rd Sep 2011 Bora Bora By sunset at Batu Ferringhi, Penang had marked another history. Bora Bora had organized a Beach Party!!! (dress theme : pareo). I am honor to be invited by the lady boss, Melynda Soon to attend this very fun & syok event. Party start at 8.00pm but i went there earlier. Of cause for the SUNSET! 

I reached there around 7.00pm which is a perfect timing, the sun almost set. Below are a series of sunset photo i took for the duration of 25 minute.

Clockwise : 1- 1st shoot was at 7.05pm, still able to see bright sun turning into orange. 2- Close up shoot alight with the motorboat.  3- The sun turning to more orange in just a few minute. 4- Sun is near to the kakilangit.

It is like a beautiful painting, butt this perfect moment don't last long doh. So within few sec. The sun was swallowed by the sea. It is time to get back to the Bora Bora by Sunset PARTY!!!

Left to right : 1- The stage taken while i arrived. 2- During the party started at 8.00pm, everything was perfect for a BEACH PARTY.
 Let me show you how syok was the party, a picture worth more then a thousand words. 

Team that make Bora Bora by Sunset a wonderful place.

Next were the beer drinking competition. Here you can see a total of 6 gals contestant. They will have to compete with an opponent in finishing the beer first.  

See how the gals do it like guys or even better?

Here you go, the gals winner for the contest.

Next were the guys competition.

One of the contestant pair that need to rematch because they didn't followed the rules of the contest or they were drunk even before the contest? Second round challenge, difficulty increase. They will have to drink the beer through straws.

Sam Ong was one of the drinker in the competition. Isn't him cute :)

The heat go on with dance performance :)

There were a lot dancer on the floor but this particular one (Wipeout Jacob) i must take photo with. Tell me why? Cause of the coconut la :)

Am i that fair? Even a tourist told me that i shocked her cause i am fairer then her...

Next to come was Best Pareo dressing competition.

Close up on some of contestants. I had a good felling the brown pareo gal might win the contest and for guys, Scottish hat have potential. Let see later. 

Enjoy the real time event :)

Ops, correct for the guy and not for the gal. Anyway congratulate them for winning a bottle of wine.

Bora Bora set up a table to sell the Pareo, RM20. There are a lot of choices and design on sales.

Next to come LADYBOY, this was some thing about the secretary. I am not sure what was it about this game but it definitely fun seeing the LADYBOY torturing people :)

 Follow up was fire performance by Anita, don't try this at home ya :)


Night still young, fun don't end here. Bora Bora even light up the firework.

YMCA moment with the crowd.

Firework moment.

Just to show off, i were seated at the VIP seating. The seat just opposite the DJ station, ON STAGE. Photo show that how near i were to the performance. Beside that i had the best view in the party :)

Finally i would like to thank all the master mind behind the scene. Especially Melynda Soon, Phillip Gunter, art director and Chef Mady Ahmad. Poor chef have to BBQ the food at a corner without lighting. So he have to use touch light to BBQ, how cute was that :)

Last but not least, DJ of the party.
Thank you to all the hard work that made this wonderful night. Can't wait for the next party. For those who missed this wonder night, you can look forward for Bora Bora next party. I hear it will be more sexy and less cloth.

For this round i never mention about, not that i never ate but the lighting is so bad that i can hardly shoot my food.

Disclaimer: This is a personal food blog. The opinions expressed here are my own, based on my personal taste buds; others may have different opinions. Also, as we all know, qualities & standards of individual restaurants/food may change over time, so do note the time stamp on this review.

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De Tiltle Dining Cabin Lorong Selamat, Penang fusion cuisine

What is de title for restaurant? No idea so let just call it De Title Dining Cabin. This is what the founder said. They have no fix direction on the food style but they only want to serve you the best they can make. This fusion restaurant located at the very busy road of the heart of Penang, Lorong Selamat. It is a well known hawker street, you will not miss the beautiful outlook of the restaurant. It is very purple and with a lots unique window that we design and made by the two pretty founder.  

Let me bring you into their dream restaurant.

Very outstanding building in the middle of the busy road. Especially the color they choose full of secrecy.

Which window design you like?

Too bad they are not for sales.
Cozy and comfortable ambient of De Title Dining Cabin.

Thank you Zoez for modeling for me :)

Clockwise : 1- Homemade Mushroom Soup, i love the soup very much. It is taste like what i expected to had in a mushroom, in sense of taste, texture, aroma and color. Is a MUST TRY item. 2- Seafood Spicy Yaki Udon,  RM13.90. Lots of prawns, vege such as carrot, cabbage and chopped coriander in the fired udo. 3- Chicken Ham Pizzailo with Roti Canai Base, RM13.90. PIZZA, my all time favorite. Thin crust served with chicken ham, tomato paste and CHEESE. 4- Cheese Baked Rice, RM13.90. Rice mixed with chicken cubes. cheese and white sauce. Very appetizing and tasty dish.

Clockwise : 1- Cheese Baked Fusili, RM10.90. Fussili was baked with cheese, minced meat, tomato puree and sprinkled with coriander. 2- Grilled Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce, RM14.90. 3- Cheese Baked Rice, RM13.90. 4- Grilled Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce - RM14.90. Nicely cooked chicken serve with homemade black pepper sauce.

Clockwise : 1- Butter Garlic Crunchy Chicken, RM14.90. 2- Butter Garlic Dory Fish, RM14.90. 3- Butter Garlic Dolly Fish, RM14.90. 4- vanilla ice cream is to counter The Miracles of Devils and Angels coming up next.

Top to bottom : 1- The Miracles of Devils and Angels : I am perfect and clean, now you see. 2- Now you don't :) Is time to finish it off, don't forget to add in the ice cream that serve with it. It is call The Miracles of Devils and Angels for a reason. Angels is cold & white and devil is hot and black. Both are always human best fiend.

Here you go, all the delicious dishes were prepare by these two beautiful sweet gals a.k.a. founder of De Title Dinning Cabin.

Disclaimer: This is a personal food blog. The opinions expressed here are my own, based on my personal taste buds; others may have different opinions. Also, as we all know, qualities & standards of individual restaurants/food may change over time, so do note the time stamp on this review.

DealTok Launching

FoodTok had mark another history at 8.50pm 6th of Sep 2011. We had just launch our new site called It is a site that build to help merchant by bringing in new faces to them. We will sell voucher or coupon to the end customer with a huge discount. When the new faces were introduce to the merchant, merchant will have to show what they got in order to keep the new faces to be a long term casher :)

This is just a beta logo of the site.

Here is our first deal for the site. It is an authentic nyanya cuisine from Ivy's Kitchen.
RM65 5 course Dinner for 2 pax with free flow of rice at RM39 ONLY.

What you get from this deal :
1. Fish in Gulai Tumis Assam (Threadfin) x 2
2. Joo Hoo Char serves with Lettuce x 1
3. Chicken Kapitan x 3
4. Assam Prawn x 4
5. Dessert of the day x 2
6. Free flow of rice for x 2
Ivy's kitchen serve a very home cook style of cooking. So it is really worth to go for a tried with such nice promo. Once you tried you will always want it. 

You can go here to see the full detail :

Next to come is the famous laksa at Pulau Tikus. He serve 3 kind of laksa.

1. Asam Laksa

2. Laksa Lemak
3. Laksa Asam Lemak (Recommended)
(2/3 of Lemak Soup and 1/3 Asam Laksa)

Max had his own way to make laksa asam lemak. It is SUPER GOOD, that is why Celebrity Chef Chen Hong say MUST TRY :)

Disclaimer: This is a personal food blog. The opinions expressed here are my own, based on my personal taste buds; others may have different opinions. Also, as we all know, qualities & standards of individual restaurants/food may change over time, so do note the time stamp on this review.