Wednesday, September 7, 2011 By: Chan

DealTok Launching

FoodTok had mark another history at 8.50pm 6th of Sep 2011. We had just launch our new site called It is a site that build to help merchant by bringing in new faces to them. We will sell voucher or coupon to the end customer with a huge discount. When the new faces were introduce to the merchant, merchant will have to show what they got in order to keep the new faces to be a long term casher :)

This is just a beta logo of the site.

Here is our first deal for the site. It is an authentic nyanya cuisine from Ivy's Kitchen.
RM65 5 course Dinner for 2 pax with free flow of rice at RM39 ONLY.

What you get from this deal :
1. Fish in Gulai Tumis Assam (Threadfin) x 2
2. Joo Hoo Char serves with Lettuce x 1
3. Chicken Kapitan x 3
4. Assam Prawn x 4
5. Dessert of the day x 2
6. Free flow of rice for x 2
Ivy's kitchen serve a very home cook style of cooking. So it is really worth to go for a tried with such nice promo. Once you tried you will always want it. 

You can go here to see the full detail :

Next to come is the famous laksa at Pulau Tikus. He serve 3 kind of laksa.

1. Asam Laksa

2. Laksa Lemak
3. Laksa Asam Lemak (Recommended)
(2/3 of Lemak Soup and 1/3 Asam Laksa)

Max had his own way to make laksa asam lemak. It is SUPER GOOD, that is why Celebrity Chef Chen Hong say MUST TRY :)

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