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Black Ball (Taiwannese Dessert) Pulau Tikus,Penang

There are more and more Taiwanese Dessert blooming in Penang. There are bing bing @ straits quay, ZenQ at Gurney Plaza and etc. Overall i found the newly opened Black Ball Original Taiwanese Tea & Dessert serve better Taiwanese dessert. Their taro ball is softer and better compare to others Taiwan dessert power house. They had just lay their foot on our little island at Pulau Tikus just opposite Tanmark book stall.

We were there when their Pre-launching at 18/Dec/2011.

Ambient of the shop, another great place to chill out for Penang Lang.
They are using the same old fancy tech for waiting customer. After offer you were given a Mini UFO. This Mini UFO will vibrate, beep and blink red light. When that happen, go to the counter to collect your dessert :)

This is one of the unique dessert, BlackBall Signature (Hot – RM6.50). As you can see the black soup is actually the Xian Cao soup in hot so it is in between liquid or jelly form. So when you drink it, it had a very unique texture of the dessert. I prefer this Hot version then the cold version cause of it unique texture. It also come with Taro Ball, Taro Q, Pearl, grass jelly and red beans.

Same dessert as top but you can add in milk to increase it creaminess and extra flavor.

BlackBall Signature (Cold – RM6.50). Same dessert above but it is cold version. I find this version not much surprise as the hot one but it is good during the hot day in Penang Island :)

BlackBall Combo-BlackBall Crushed Ice -RM6.50

It come with Xian Cao, sweeten lotus seeds, pearl, china barley and taro ball.

Jiu Fen Taro Ball Crushed Ice (RM6.50).

It contain Taro ball, sweet potato ball, pearl and sweetened red kidney beans.

you can request for extra brown sugar and milk to add in extra flavor to your dessert.

Clockwise: 1- Winter Melon Tea with Sky Pearl (RM5.90). Sky Pearl? This is actually pearl that is frozen. Taste wise and texture wise i still prefer black pearl. It come back to personal preference. 2- QQ Cranberry Lemon Juice (RM5.90). Actually i love this beverage although most of the people complain it is too sour. I find it the sweetness cut off the sourness of the lemon. 3- Signature Xian Cao Tea with Grass Jelly (RM5.90). 4- Fresh Milk with Grass Jelly (RM5.90). This is another great beverage for milk lover.

3Q Passion Fruit Green Tea (RM5.90). It is a great beverage to select. It contain real passion fruit in it beside all the jelly. Passion fruit seed actually increase the texture of the beverage.

Boba Milk Tea (RM5.90) and Yoghurt Green Tea (RM5.90).

After lots of dessert and beverage you might need this :)

Click to see larger picture.

When crave of Taiwan Dessert you can consider this newly open place to cure your crave :) The only problem is parking during the day. Night time will not be a problem cause most of the shop closed so night time will have more parking places. 

BlackBall - Original Taiwanese Tea & Dessert
232 Jalan Burma, 10350 Penang, Malaysia.
GPS: 5.429939, 100.313319

Business Hours: 12.00pm – 12.00am

Contact: 016-466 1886

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