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Meal 1: The BEST Beef noodle at Parit Buntar, Perak [2D1N trip Pg ~ Ipoh]

This is Truly a hidden Beef Noodle that you can't find else where. I can SAY that this is THE BEST BEEF NOODLE you ever had. You will never regret even you purposely travel from Penang for this Beef yummy-licious, I done that a lot of times. The BEEF NOODLE is so good that even i single person can finished 4 bowls. After that tapau back for the whole week supply :)

It is located inside the Kopitiam of Hotel Foosusan. It is just opposite the second small roundabout in Parit Buntar. It is a small town that you will not get lose there :)

This is the stall for the beef noodle. This is the lady boss and the owner is a bald and big size guy.

Clockwise: 1- Chili corner. FYI, you can DIY you own preference of chili sauce. There are chili sauce, fried garlic and sugar. So you can actually mix and match to your preference chili sauce. 2- Raw cow stomach. 3- From front you can see is the intestine of the cow and meat. 4- Cow cartilage.

Lady boss in action cutting the cow stomach, yum yum :P

I prefer my chili sauce with lots of fried garlic. The fried garlic here was chewy but i like it. Although it will stuck in your teeth but it definitely taste better when you chew it. You can also add in soya sauce and paper if you want.

Finally our breakfast is here. My order was koay teow with mix beef and internal part. Cyn's order was pure beef with Cintan noodle and without bean sprout.

If you are not a fan of internal part of cow, you can order pure beef meat noodle or Cintan noodle. 

Yeah my clear soup mix beef Koey Teow. It contain different internal part of the cow such as cartilage, cow leg muscle, cow stomach, cow intestine, cow lunge and beef.

Close shoot of my mix beef koay teow. Drooling yet?

Is a definitely MUST TRY beef noodle. So when you plan a trip to anywhere south, please add this in your breakfast or lunch. You can also taupau home and keep in freezer to be serve later. 

So what else you can add in when you taupau back? So you can order beef soup without noodle, then you can add in FRESH BIG PRAWN. I try it, it taste BETTER :)

Kopitiam of Hotel Foosusan

Jalan Teh Peh Kong, 34200 Parit Buntar, Perak.
GPS: 5.129377,100.491878

Ops Hour: 8.00AM ~ 12.00Noon, closed on Saturday. 

Our simple 2D1N Penang - Ipoh trip Itinerary:

Meal 1 - The BEST Beef noodle at Parit Buntar, Perak
Meal 2 - Indulgence Restaurant & Living at Ipoh, Perak ~ Coming Soon
Meal 3 - Tea Break at Kafe Wah Nam at Ipoh, Perak
Meal 4 - Wedding Dinner at Ipoh, Perak ~ Not Coming Soon
Meal 5 - Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum at Ipoh, Perak ~ Coming Soon
Meal 6 - JJ Cakes & Swiss Rolls at Ipoh, Perak ~ Coming Soon

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Parit Buntar got two beef kwey teow soup one of them already mention and another in Parit Buntar Pekan Baru Ah Bak beef kwey teow opposite Soon Lee Electrical.

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Yeah if this one close that will be my second choose. I still like this one best just my preference of taste :)

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