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Restorant Thai Baiyok Penang @ The Heritage Club

Restaurant Thai Baiyok is another hidden treasure in Penang. The restaurant was located inside the Heritage Club. If i was not told i wouldn't release it. Thai food was one of the major influenced for Penang food, here i would like to introduce you to another great place to dine in.

The logo of Restaurant Thai Baiyok.

After you enter the Heritage Club, you will never miss the elegant entrance of Restaurant Thai Baiyok on your right. 

Operate from 11.30am to 10.00pm.

Below were the ambient of the lovely place. 

Some of the beverage serve at Restaurant Thai Baiyok.
Watermelon Juice (RM6.50), Apple Juice (RM6.50), Orange Juice (RM6.50), Lemongrass (hot)  RM1.50, Ice lemon Tea (RM5.00), Ice Milo RM4, Ice Cappuccino, (RM7.50) and Hot Cappuccino (RM6.50).

Miang Pla Kraphong  RM18 (Large)  RM12 (Small). These is one of the traditional appetizer. Deep fried seabass cubes, shrimp, peanut, chilies, nutmeg, onion and sweet & sour sauce. It was also served with wild betel leaves (daun kaduk).

This is how you wrap it. It got mild fresh grass aroma but it goes well with the appetizer doh. 

Goong Khai Daeng RM18 (large) RM12 (small). Deep fried roti with salted eggs and prawns. The combination were wanderfull, especially really really fresh prawns were used. A little unfortunate was the bread suck up some oil else it will be perfect :) 

Pla Rad Makhaam  RM45. The fish was so fresh that you can eat without sauce. The special sauce that put on top was actually tamarind sauce. 

Kai Yang  RM18 (large) RM12 (small). BBQ chicken marinated in some sweet sauce. The best part of all it come with a very unique chili dip sauce. I prefer the chili sauce with more chive.   

One thing that can't deny was the seafood serve were so fresh that no cook will fail to deliver a great dish. Pla Meuk Neung Manao RM25 (large) RM18 (small), it was steam squid with chili, lots of garlic and lime sauce. I was the first one to try out the dish and the first one to step into this spicy trap. The chili used were super duper hot, that the first spoon of sauce already make me sweat like i go running for marathon. The squid were cooked well, tender and soft. It was one the best dish for the day :) 

Goong Choo Chii (RM5/each). Big fresh prawn serve with special made sauce. 

See how big were the prawns!!!

The seafood otak-otak was wrapped in a tin foil with the shaped of a goose. 

Hor Mok Talay RM32 (large) RM16 (small). This is another MUST TRY dish, the otak otak was really really GOOD. Soft, moist and creamy doh. Don't forget the fresh seafood stuffed inside. Yum yum !!!

Yum Yok Maphrau  RM15. This was an unusual dish for me even i tried so many weird thing before. It was not exotic kind of weird. I was told that this dish is a very popular dish in Thailand. The coconut shoot is rare in Malaysia, so they had to get it from Thailand. It is like bamboo shoot, with crunchy and sweet.

Tom Yam Talay, RM35 (family) RM18 (small) RM25 (big). Spicy southern tom yam with fresh seafood, what else you need? 

Brogcoli Phat Kapit, RM12 (large) RM9 (small). Stir fried broccoli with raw sambal. Yeah raw sambal!!! In Thai they like to use raw ingredient but we Penang people used to the cooked sambal aroma. Cooked sambal will eliminate the smelly sambal aroma that we not used to be.  

Thap Thim Krop  (RM4.50 each). Not over sweet which i like, fresh delicious coconut flesh with sago chestnut nut. The best thing was they used fresh santan!!!

The place is quiet, cozy and nice for party or celebration. Best part of all is very convenient for parking. The chefs work here were from Thai but their cooking were too mild for Thai. I understanded that they cook to serve local cause local people not used to thick flavor like Thai people.

Disclaimer: This is a personal food blog. The opinions expressed here are my own, based on my personal taste buds; others may have different opinions. Also, as we all know, qualities & standards of individual restaurants/food may change over time, so do note the time stamp on this review.


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jacgy said...

Can i know which part of the post you mean that?

If you mean this section
"The chefs work here were from Thai but their cooking were too mild for Thai. I understanded that they cook to serve local cause local people not used to thick flavor like Thai people."

This is because the restaurant is in the club house and most of the customers were the club members. Majority of the member were senior citizen so the chefs tend to reduce the flavor to suit the customer. This were told by the owner of the restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know that Restaurant Thai Baiyok has closed shop end of February 2013. I am really sad when I heard this as I really like the food there as it is delicious and reasonable.

Chan said...

really? their food quite good actually :(

Anonymous said...

now openning at lorong selamat

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