Tuesday, November 8, 2011 By: Chan

糖伯府 Tong Pak Fu Penang at Pulau Tikus

Hong Kong Tong Pak Fu review click here ~ http://jcwalkwalkfindfood.blogspot.com/2012/02/tong-pak-fu-hong-kong-dessert-at-sunway.html. It is way better then Penang version Tong Pak Fu

Recently i notice more and more food place been trying to up rise at Pulau Tikus, Penang. Here we had the latest new dessert shop been roaming at Raja Uda and finally step at our "Island Rat" :) -> 糖伯府 Tong Pak Fu.

Simple and clear modern look of the shop.

The handsome young boss and place for singer to sing you song while you enjoy your dessert.

Clockwise: 1- Red bean soup glutinous rice ball, RM5.80. 2- Red bean soup soy bean curd, RM5.80. 3- Mango mini rice ball, RM7.80. 4- Mango magic ball, RM8.80.

Clockwise: 1- Sea coconut ice cream glass jelly, RM10.80. 2- Golden Legend of Four, RM19.80. 3- Mix fruit ice cream louye, RM16.80. 4- Grape coconut Mix fruit mini sago louye, RM14.80.

Clockwise: 1- Honeydew black rice, RM5.80. 2- Honeydew aloe vera, RM5.80. 3- Kiwi soy bean curd, RM7.80. 4- Mango coconut ice cream, RM12.80.

Chocolate Fondue, RM29.80.
Overall experience at 糖伯府 Tong Pak Fu Penang at Pulau Tikus is joyful cause with a group of friends dine in. The tong sui is on the sweet side and not my cup of tea. It is more toward youngster taste bud. For me i prefer Sweet-i, Less sweet and near my house :)

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Anonymous said...

Visited last Friday nite. The test is normal only and the ventilation inside the shop is very bad,a lot of people choosing sit at outside. The whole shop full of mosquito. The worse thing is next morning, both of us had very serious food poisoning and our whole weekend spoil!!

jacgy said...

Sorry to hear that. Yeah the dessert is soso only not really good compare to all the newly open Taiwan dessert. I also no idea why pack with people.

If you looking for the best local dessert you should probably try Sweet-i, http://foodtok.com/foodplace94_Sweet-i. After try it your dessert preference will become higher :)

Anonymous said...

I have visit another 糖百府 Tong Pak Fu, this is more better than the above shop

Anonymous said...

The real Tong Pak Fu is definitely better, just opened.

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