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Pulau Aman Trip 3 - Joy and fun at Pulau Aman

After reach the Pulau, we start exploring the side with our eyes. Although this is not a modern stylish place but it definitely best place for relaxation. Away from dirty ashes, lousy air quality, noisy environment and busy road. FYI, here you can hardly see any car as it have no road for car :)
You can have a cycling in the Pulau if you want. Canoeing as well. Pricing is cheap compare to city :)

This is the map for the whole island. Although you see two island but they actually connected during low tie :) Wah as you can see there are 18 places to explore. 

1- I just love the unplanned building like this, in hectic city, Penang all we can see is those well planned building structure where here we feel more relax as thing is not we used to see. 2- Ever dream of your house above the sea? 3- This is the famous floating restaurant.  

Some shots on the Pulau Aman Floating restaurant (Restoran Terapung Pulau Aman). 

Now not yet food time be patient, we still have alot of shooting to do. So let me bring you around Pulau Aman before we talk about the mouth watering mee udang, ya :)

No far from the Pulau Aman Floating Restaurant, there is a building which i not sure what is it for but it definitely good for fishing. 

I think this always one of the best spot for wedding pic, don't you think so?

Small wave that make the shot a marvelous one :)

Free time activity by the villager.

1- Small stall beside the road, let see what they selling in the stall?  2- The menu they showing don't look like what should be selling on a stall like this, LOL. I though they sell nasi lemak or goreng pisang. 3- Very romantic look chalet by the sea, IS PINK!!! 

This is one of their a very unique fruit they have in the Pulau Aman. It is call Buah Sukun in malay or Breadfruit. By its name we know that the fruit sure taste like bread smell like bread. As a food hunter i should have tasted it but i was too tired during shooting and didn't thought of trying out new food. How fail i am as a foodtok founder... Anyway outlook look like cempedak and inside taste like bread and potato. For such error of not being taste this unique fruit to offer at Pulau Aman, i will definately pay them another visit to correct my false action. 

This is how they get a new Buah Sukun tree. 

Here is the new chalet by the sea. See how near the sea is to the chalet? It is located just at the swallow path to the other side of the Island. Yeah i agree the local have to learn how to clear up the rubbish. Anyway it is a good location to spend a night with you love one. 

Next stop we went to the Telaga Emas. It have road sign along the way and some chalet above the sea as well. Not much thing to see although it is just another history places at Pulau Aman. 

Here is the history of the Telaga Mas. Telaga Mas? not sure typo or what. 

Our happy host Stephy, showing her excitement during the shooting.

Finally makan time. This is the menu at the Pulau Aman floating restaurant. 

Yeah this is the famous Pulau Aman Mee Goreng Udang. It tasted like Mee goreng that we can have in island but some how taste milder. The more you eat the stronger the aromo of the fresh prawn give out. It taste better every month. 

Here you go the Pulau Aman Famous Mee Udanag. Again the taste is flat and boring during the first mouth, then the more i eat the better it gets. It taste like tasteless hokkien mee at the first bite, but it taste better and better. Not to forget the fresh big prawn they gave us. Yummy yummy. 

This is the Mantis prawn i shoot at Pulau Aman. This is another must try item at Pulau Aman. It miss out the chance of trying out this as well. This is because we though RM18/KG is expensive. WTH, how stupid i am, i knew that the price for medium size mantis prawn cost around RM20++ but i am so blur that time though it is extremely expensive because of this i will be back at Pulau Aman again. 

Beside beautiful environment, relaxing building, fresh air, wonderful sea view, delicious food. Pulau also have alot to offer such as beautiful wild flora. As picture shown, green berry (Young berry), red berry (ripe berry which ready to be eaten) and black berry (not sure can use as a herb or not :)) Anyway i look this shot cause showing 3 level of life cycle of the berry :)

you can also see how they children spend their free time at the sea. Without worry and fear enjoying what mother nature got to offer. I believe we can't have all this in the city. some time i wish to be one of them. 

Time to go back, it is late afternoon. All the fisherman boat is park beside the jetty. 

Before you leave don't forget to grab some suvinial for you love one. 3 pack RM10 and depend on which one you want, anyway it is local made product. I am sure it will be nicer, fresher and cheaper too.

Yeah we reach back Penang with happy and sad cross emotional. Don't forget with a nicely tanned skin. 

Disclaimer: This is a personal food blog. The opinions expressed here are my own, based on my personal taste buds; others may have different opinions. Also, as we all know, qualities & standards of individual restaurants/food may change over time, so do note the time stamp on this review.


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