Wednesday, July 20, 2011 By: Chan

Transformer phone by CSL, interested?

How much do you love transformer? It can be seen when you're holding it, and i am going to show it you. CSL had launch the world 1st transformer mobile. Transformers mobile? Yeah you read it right, it is Transformers mobile - CSL Transformers DS700. Three transformers were selected. They are Megatron Red Optimus Prime, Yellow Bumblebee and Grey Megatron. So which one do you like? Personally i choose Yellow bumblebee not because of BERSIH 2.0 :) 

They give out the small gift when you purchase that day, figuring phone deco. 

"Ready to die"

CSL got their mascot running around to attract people attention during the promotion and another guy wearing a signboard walking around. 

These are all the pretty sales gal that worked during the CSL promotion.

We were invited to Austin Chase for product review.

Oh, with Citibank card you get a discount of 10 + 5 %. 

Nice ambient actually. 

Product introduction. 

These are all the highlight for the CSL Transformers DS700 phone. 

Why they called it CSL transformer DS700? This is because they come in two set of  body, long one and short one. You can change you phone according to mood :)

Megatron Red Optimus Prime, i love the red :)

Grey Megatron, not a fan of grey phone.

Finally our tea break after the phone review, Hazelnut Latte (RM12.50), Signature Black Chocolate (RM13.00) and Strawberry Cream Frappe (RM14.00).

The Smoked Salmon Sandwich (RM11.90 – it’s 1/3 of the original size in photo)
If you are a fan of Transformer, you shouldn't miss this phone. Collect all three now! How much? Only at RM299, and it comes with touch screen with lots of features. So don't miss these if you are a transformers fan. GET it now!!! For more info please visit CSL.

Let me end with a transformers joke :

我:爸,你知道 Transformer 吗?
爸:Transformer 不就是那些电板上的...
我:不是啦,是会动的机器人啦,就很有力的,车会变成机器人那个​啊。那我问你,Transformer 的妹妹是什么?
我:那不是有Transmother 和 Transfath​er 咯?
弟:那Transformer 迟到了就叫 Translate 了.​..
我:Transformer 的毛就叫 Transfer,Tran​sformer 的任务叫 Transmissions !!!

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