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Chez Weng Modern Grill Restaurant Precinct 10 Penang

Precinct 10 had given Penang people another place to chill out. A lots of new food place had set up in this new premium food & beverage hub. It is another branch for Classic at Bellisa Row Pulau Tikus, Penang. This time they had Modern Grill concept for Chez Weng. It is a great place for friend and family as well.

Chez Weng when i heard of the name i though is a Chinese cuisine restaurant. The name is actually in French. They serve fine dinning food. 

Front view of Chez Weng.

Ambient of Chez Weng shown below.

The place is actually simple and cozy. The setting actually give you a down to earth feeling even though they are serving sort of fine dinning food :)

First to come is fresh bread and Dukkah. It taste good cause It was on the house :)

It served with Extra virgin olive oil and Dukkah. (Duqqa [also spelled dukkah or dukka] is an Egyptian side dish consisting of a mixture of herbs, nuts, probably hazelnut, and spices. It is typically used as a dip with bread or fresh vegetables ~ Wikipedia)

Caesar Salad (RM22.00). Look normal but it taste good and we love it. It contain butter-head lettuce, cheese, fresh herb, croutons, extra virgin olive oil, mayonnaise and dash of paper. It was a fresh dish to start your meal :)

Mushroom soup RM15. Hot fresh mushroom soup in a fancy big plate and topped with some frsh herb, it was good .

Want some hot mushroom soup?

Smoked pork chop RM32.00. In the menu it mention onion ring but i can't find any of them in the dish. Well cooked juicy pork chop, sweet potato mash, garlic fried Chinese kale and super good caramelize onion sauce. Everyone been dipping in this sauce. 

Duck Conflit RM38.00. The duck was not dry as i liked. Still a bit moist that it got that smelly duck smell.  The smoke sausage was so good. Look the way they make the sausage skin crunchy :) It also came with boiled broccoli, mash potato , orange glaze and topped with some fresh herb. 

Duck was ok but the sausage was so good that they should just sell smoked sausage.

The most expensive piece of meat for the day, Australia Wagyu Sirloin 220g RM98.00. It came with expensive piece of wagyu beef of cause,  boiled broccoli, mash potato, reduction red wine sauce and fresh herb. 

See how marble was the wagyu beef? The marble was the reason why wagyu so tender and juicy. The mouthwatering meat was well cooked to medium, soft, tender and juicy. We love it but cry later when paid the bill :)

Pizza - Prosciutto, pear, rocket and a lot of parmeson cheese. Yeah you read it right it was a PEAR. Pizza :)

You can see the pear was thinly sliced. It gave the pizza a great pear aroma and sweetness. The prosciutto was salty so the sweetness of the pear sort of neutralist each other. Fresh rocket went well on this pizza. I not a fan of rocket cause it's bitterness. It really went well with this pizza :)

Panna Cotta and fresh berries and chocolate sauce RM16.00. I don't really like our sweet ending. I found it kind of plastic feel after eat. Although i needed to give them credit on using the real vanilla bean.

Over all dinning experiment was good. The server will explain every single dishes when they brought to you, so kind of new to us but in a good way. Beside that they will approved you and asked about your food. Whether you like it or not. Not sure if you answer don't like it will they still charge you :P The food was expensive but great cooked, great ingredient and great service. So it is a great place to bring you love one to celebrate or enjoy once a while.

They also served set lunch (RM38++ to RM58++) and set dinner (RM48++ to RM88++). It come with a starter which you can choose either soup or salad, a main, dessert of the day and coffee or tea.


10-C-18 & 19, 
Precinct 10, Jalan Tanjung Tokong, 
Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Penang, Malaysia.

Business Hours: 11.30am ~ 11pm Daily, closed Monday.
Contact: 604-899 9878

GPS: 5.448970, 100.306020

Disclaimer: This is a personal food blog. The opinions expressed here are my own, based on my personal taste buds; others may have different opinions. Also, as we all know, qualities & standards of individual restaurants/food may change over time, so do note the time stamp on this review.


Isaac Tan said...

the food here does look yummy :) .. hi there, first time dropping by here. You're from penang? My hometown's penang, currently in KL XD

Henry Tan said...

definitely the latest place to hang out! haha altho everything is kinda expensive there! =(

jacgy said...

Hi Isaac, i am from Penang. Still a lot great food post pending deal to makan too many :)

Yeah man the food is expensive but great food :)
It is a once in a while great place to bring ur love one there :)

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