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Eastin Hotel Penang Vivacious Vietnam Buffet

Crave for Vietnamese food? Vietnamese food is so rare in Penang nowadays. Eastin Hotel Penang was pleased to introduce the flavorful and delicious Vietnam cuisine. At Eastin, they offered an incredible array of Vietnamese culinary specialties featuring the famous spring rolls, rice cakes, beef noodle soup, Bun Mang Vit (bamboo shoot and duck noodle soup) and many other delightful dishes from the Mekong Delta. Without further ado let me bring you through what i had during the buffet :)

Vivacious Vietnam

At the Vietnam buffet they served 2 type of soup. They were Chicken pineapple soup & Crab meat soup with asparagus. Crab meat soup was a thick and creamy type of soup like shake fin soup. Vegetarian corner served long bean sambal, aloo gobi, spring roll and Vietnamese fried rice.

Salad bar serving Tomato, Carrot, cucumber, Corn Kernel Onion Ring, Lettuce, Thousand Dressing, French Dressing, Italian Dressing, Vinaigrette Dressing with Condiments . They also had sayur campur goreng, rendang ayam and nasi tomato. 

For cold corner they served meat, crab and grapefruit salad, String bean salad, Grilled eggplant salad with Vietnam dressing, Bamboo shoot salad, Grilled Paprika Chicken Salad, Fresh crystal spring rolls with beef Mixed celery and sea bass fillet salad, Western Cold Platter (2 types). Love the smoke duck very much, is a MUST TAKE dish.

Stuffed crab on the hard side for me, Sauteed cauliflower with prawn, sliced beef with lemongrass and fried shrimp with coconut sauce, i loved this dish but other complain that they dislike the smell.  

Stewed seabass in claypot, stir fired chicken with cashew nut, stir fried bitter gourd with salted egg and stir fried vermicelli with assortment meat. It was kind of weird for the salted egg in bitter gourd cause it was the 1st time i tried it but it taste good. 

Butter vege, roast potato, grilled lamb chopped and tapas. The lamb was not to my liking. It still have the lamb smell which i dislike and hard. Other taste good.

Shrimp on sugar cane. The meat mixture taste good and full of flavor but on the salty side. It went so well with the fish sauce but some complain that the sauce taste weird :)

One of the best dish i had for the buffet. Made upon ordered, egg pancake with prawn. The prawn was tender and juicy. crunchiness from the lettuce and spring onion. Sauce that came along taste super good and went well with the egg wrap. Yum yum!!!

Thai beef keoy teow soup.

Don't forget to have the sweet ending with all the delicious cakes. They were baked cheese cake, raspberry mouse cake, chocolate cake and fruit flan cake. 

Honey dew pudding, Nyonya kuih, sticky rice cake and glutinous rice ball in ginger syrup. Sticky rice cake taste so "different" and not my cup of tea. As for the rice ball always my favorite dessert of all time. Green was kaya and red was read bean. I love the red one better :)

Yummy dessert that serve at the buffet :)

Coconut turnovers, green bean soup, fruit and assorted french pastries. The coconut turnovers taste like pengat because it contained coconut and bunana. These was one of my favorite dessert in the buffet as well. 

All food start with the first dish. Here you go my first plate of buffet :)

Swez Brasserie Eastin Hotel Penang 

1 Solok Bayan Indah, Queensbay
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia

GPS: 5.33698,100.30679

Tel: +604-612 1111, Fax: +604-612 1128
Email :

Vivacious Vietnam Buffet : 1 - 31 March 2012, Lunch, Hi-tea and dinner.
* 15% duscount for dinner from 6.30pm - 10.00pm * Exclusive for Maybankard ONLY!

Lunch (12.00 noon – 2.30pm): Monday – Friday
RM48++ (adult), RM24++ (child)
Hi-Tea (12.00 noon – 3.00pm): Saturday & Sunday
Normal weekend: RM55++ (adult), RM28++ (child)
Festive Occasion: RM68++ (adult), RM34++ (child)
Semi Buffet Dinner (6.30pm – 10.00pm): Sunday – Thursday
RM48++ per pax
Seafood Supreme Themed Buffet Dinner (6.30pm – 10.00pm): Friday
RM80++ (adult), RM40++ (child)
Mongolian Grill Themed Buffet Dinner (6.30pm – 10.00pm): Saturday
RM80++ (adult), RM40++ (child)

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