Tuesday, March 27, 2012 By: Chan

Valentine at Haagen-Dazs's with valentine suck fondue ever

I know this post is way over due but just want to write this up to show you guys not to try their Valentine suck fondue. We had an early valentine celebration at Haagen-Dazs for some sweet dessert celebration. It end up suck! I don't know why their valentine fondue so bad. I used to had their Fondue without regrading.

We celebrated at Queensbay Haagen-Dazs.

Though this special valentine's Day Menu will be a hot topic in our blog.

We ordered the couple's Fondue, RM68.00. It said it will be a romantic fondue for two with heart-shaped scoops of Belgian chocolate, strawberry, caramel biscuit & cream and vanilla ice cream served with chocolate dipped strawberry, apple slices, cookies, brownie and marshmallows. Look good right? It end up with disappointment.

Here you go, our couples's Fondue. 

All the ice cream in heart-shaped as mention in the menu.

Lousy dried brownies. 

Chocolate dipped strawberry, apple slices and cookies but marshmallows are missing. I believe they replace it with peanut and rice chocolate without mentioning to us. BAD service for such high class ice cream shop.

Creamy & smooth chocolate fondue?

Cyn started with Vanilla ice cream.

First dipped.

SHIT happened after third or forth dipped. Both of our side of chocolate become clotted. It really taste suck when chocolate clotted. We had to finish all the item without dipping in the chocolate. 

This is the original fondue set, RM64.00. It is cheaper and better compare to the special valentine couple's fondue. We feel cheated with lousy fondue served by the Haagen-Dazs. 

We had a lousy and expensive fondue from Haagen_Dazs. We used to had fondue without facing clotting chocolate problem. We are not sure whether they change the chocolate or only happened on couple's fondue. We will never try it again cause it is crazy to pay so much for lousy fondue.

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