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Meal 3: Tea Break at Kafe Wah Nam Ipoh, Perak [2D1N trip Pg ~ Ipoh]

I wasn't told the Itinerary for this trip as it was planed by Cyn. She wanted to surprise me, so basically i am just a driver guided by 'The British Lady' :)

Anyway I was guided to this famous Ipoh Coffee Kafe, Kafe Wah Nam. Heritage outlook kopitiam along the main road in the town of Ipoh, it is just across from the famous Foh San Dim Sim restaurant.

Kafe Wah Nam another GREAT place to visit during your Ipoh trip.

I order the herbal tea and Cyn ordered their MUST TRY Ipoh White Coffee. After ordered, Cyn only told me that they are famous for their Ipoh White Coffee and Cham (Mix coffee and tea). So i am like what! you never tell me about that? I could have order their hot Ipoh White Coffee or Cham to try. She just smile. Their Ipoh white coffee was good. It tasted extra ordinary from the 3 in 1 and Great aroma. So if you are a coffee lover, make sure you try this out. 

Another unique food that sold at Kafe Wah Nam is this toast bread with egg. Although it look simple but i fought it was the best toast bread and egg i ever had.

This is another GREAT food had to offer in Kafe Wah Nam. The server is a pretty gal as well :) During afternoon they served Ipoh Chee Cheong Fun. There are two type of sauce to offer, mushroom sauce or curry sauce. Beside that you can also add in extra stuff to your dish.

Clockwise: 1- Menu for the Chee Cheong fun, RM2.50 (Big), RM2.00 (Small), "liau" or extra stuff you pick will charge RM0.50 per piece. 2- Tofu with meat i think. 3- Fried wantan. 4- Not sure what it is but it taste good. I believe they put cubes of yam in it.

Here you go, my Chee Cheong Fun with mushroom sauce.

Extra liau that i pick.

Kafe Wah Nam serve a very good Ipoh Coffee beverage. So while you stop in Ipoh make sure you had a cup of their GREAT beverage made by the master. You can't get that sort of aroma even you use the same coffee bean. A good cup of coffee also depend on the master that make it. You may try to make it at home with the same coffee bean but you will fail eventually. The master that made you the coffee been perfecting it for the last 25 years. Beside that the Chee Cheong Fun was good, i love the yam thingie. Ipoh are well known for their smooth Hor Fun, Chee Cheong Fun is smooth and tasty as well. So mark this down on your must go makan place. 

Kafe Wah Nam Ipoh, Perak

Jalan Leong Sin Nam, Kampung Jawa, 30300 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

GPS: N4.59722, E101.08511

Ops Hour: 5.00AM ~ 5.00PM Daily

Our simple 2D1N Penang - Ipoh trip Itinerary:

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Meal 3 - Tea Break at Kafe Wah Nam at Ipoh, Perak
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