Wednesday, June 22, 2011 By: Chan

Dinner at East Hokkaido Penang with Celebrity Chef Chen Hong.

After the hectic day, we get to enjoy our dinner at East Hokkaido Seafood Restaurant Penang at Jalan Bagan Jermal with all the high level staff from Kwang Hwa.

Celebrity Chef Chen Hong showing the video he made in Japan. 

Press conference news on the front page of Kwang Wah. Hmm the title on top really very awkward :) 

Celebrity Chef Chen Hong, Datuk Lee & wife and the owner of East Hokkaido.

Delicious dinner provided by East Hokkaido seafood restaurant. Clockwise: 1. Chicken Little serve with paper and salt. It is well marinated and fried it. 2. Fruit. 3. Grouper fish in cray pot. 4. Deep fried ho fan, this is a very unique dish that must tried. 5. Curry fish. 6. Sweet old day dessert, remind me of my younger age. It is stem potato dress with thick coconut sauce. 7. Love this seafood platter very much, tasty and delicious. 

Celebrity Chef Chen Hong serve us the seafood platter. you want one?

Last but not least Karaoke singing from Celebrity Chef Chen Hong. He really can sing :)

Chef Billy Ng also shows his other talent :)

Some of the customers saw Celebrity Chef Chen Hong and asked for a picture :)

All the fishy fishy and sea creature in the aquarium outside the East Hokkaido seafood Restaurant .

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