Tuesday, June 21, 2011 By: Chan

Video during the Celebrity Chef Chen Hong Press Conference

Speech by Celebrity Chef Chen Hong during the Press Conference.

I was so stage fright while MC-ing for the Taiwanese Celebrity Chef Chen Hong press conference. I was so blur because i was preparing the next presentation scrip and Celebrity Chef Chen Hong suddenly ask me to translate what he just mentioned the last 5 minute. I was in shock actually but i tried my very best liau :)

Anyway this is a great opportunity for me learn. Moreover Celebrity Chef Chen Hong had taken many of my 1st time:
~ 1st time Chinese MC in front of the press.
~ 1st time translate Chinese into English in the press.

After this i hope i able to manage the fear at the stage. A very great thing is that Celebrity Chef Chen Hong praise me even i never did a great job. It is so comforting when he praise me. It is not because the praise is the way he handle me. It proven that his EQ is extremely high.

Thank you Criz Lai from Crizfood.com for the video :)
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Jazz ♥ 爵斯 said...

Boss....u "hao zat zat" leh....lol

Jacgy said...

haha, dont like tat shoot me la. 1st time ma :)

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