Tuesday, June 21, 2011 By: Chan

After Celebrity Chef Chen Hong Press Conference

After the Celebrity Chef Chen Hong Press Conference, we had a rest as the day before we had only around 4 hours of sleep. After a refreshing break, we started the video shooting at Sesame & Soy at G Hotel.

Chef Park Tae Yeong is one of the main character in the video shooting.

SEE! this is the real deal of video shooting.

Chef Vincent Lee (G Hotel Head Chef), Celebrity Chef Chen Hong and Chef Billy Ng Yih Lee (runner-up of 8TV’s Hot Chef Season One) 

Celebrity Chef Chen Hong is signing his autograph for the best Food outlet sticker.

Chef Vincent was not used to all the "highlight" we beamed at him :)
He is a terrific Chef, had won a lot of trophy from a lot of international competitions. He is now the head chef for G Hotel, you can taste his cooking at Sesame & Soy. He told me his specialty is fusion food. So if you're looking for Fusion Fine Dinning in Penang, look for Chef Vincent Lee at Sesame & Soy at G Hotel.  

All the crew behind scene, from left meow (Professional stylish), me (Foodtok founder), KC (Employee of the month V.I.A. PA for  Food Digest Managing Editor) and Sarah (Our beautiful PR). We have to stay silent during the shooting.

Me and Khairul (PA for Editorial food digest) showing serious face while working :) 

Leftover food from the shoot.  the sauce tasted extremely good, next round when i visit Sesame & Soy, hopefully it is not left over liau :)

Left over dish from the shoot 2 :) We only get to try some of the taste. It was really GOOD.
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