Monday, April 23, 2012 By: Chan

Unleashing my beast, The New Ipad or Ipad 3 purchased online

A parcel From: Peter Yang, Futaihua Precision Industry (SZ) CO LTD, No 1 Floor B07 Building, Foxconn Hongguan Tech Park North District, Dashuikeng Community, Gualan, Baoan, Shenzhen 518110, China.

We Purchase The New Ipad or Ipad 3 through Online Apple store. This is probably the way Asian or Malaysian purchase it. OMG! Friday order online and reached to us Monday. The delivery took ONLY 4 days. I believe we were the first few that order online or we were the only few people ordered ...

Time to unleash the beast !!! What a pretty, are't Pad-Pad?

Out of the box, it worked too :)

Some other accessory provided.

Theses two protection been bought since Ipad 2. Due to some heart pumping & exciting story on purchasing the Ipad 2, these pretties were still packed in these own protection plastic. We actually ordered Ipad 2 from a "ASS O". He promised to get it for me with a large discount. Eventually it was a con which tricked kuai kuai boy like me. Long story short, the case involve Polis, traveling to KL, a lot of mine and Cyn's time and etc. Lucky i able to get back the money and waited for The New Ipad (Super lame name). 

Now Jess is wearing her first protection :)

Sound like mine, feel like mine, thought is mine but WTF only engrave Cyn name ... She said this is to make sure i am reminded that Pad-Pad is HERS. Sad la!!!
I still get to said had your Pad yet? since i have the right to claim half of Pad-Pad. Wanted to know more about Ipad 3 or The New Ipad, please visit

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