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Valentine set dinner at Swez Brasserie Eastin Hotel Penang

Valentine's day is just around the corner. Any idea where to go on for a irresistible romance set dinner with your love one?

Here at Eastin Hotel Penang, they offer the ultimate ardent indulgence of a delectable Valentine’s set dinner on 14 February which includes chocolate pralines, 2 glasses of wine or mocktail and a pair of lovely teddy bear signifying loving togetherness while being serenaded by sentimental music.

Look what these two flurry soft toy are looking at? It is the Romantic set dinner for this very special day (Valentine's day) offered by Eastin Hotel Penang. 

The set includes:

Chilled ocean tartar with pickled mushroom, asparagus and beetroot dressing.

 Oven baked pumpkin soup with crispy pumpkin seed.

Main Course 
Pan fried cod fish, honey potato puree served with carrot mustard sauce.
Baked chicken wellington with spinach and gravy.

Endless Love strawberry mousse, jack fruit filo served with clear vanilla sauce.

Love Potion
2 glasses of house wine and pralines.

Appetizer ~ Chilled ocean tartar with fresh prawn, fresh crab, pickled mushroom, asparagus, beetroot dressing and topped with black caviar (Caviar is a luxury delicacy that was used in expensive cuisine. It is defined as "the product made from fish-eggs of the Acipenseridae family by treating with food-grade salt". "Fish eggs" is defined as "non-ovulated eggs separated from the connective tissue of the ovaries" or "ovulated eggs from aquacultured sturgeons". Source Wikipedia). 

Enjoy the appetizer by taking some of caviar, ocean tartar and the sour beetroot dressing. 

Soup is Oven baked pumpkin soup with crispy pumpkin seed. Pumpkin was baked to caramelized before cooked. This will bring up the sweet flavor of the pumpkin. It was then topped with cream to increase the creaminess and crispy pumpkin seed for the extra pumpkin flavor. The  sweet  soup signifying the couple have a great relationship.
 As for Main Course you can choose either one.

Baked chicken wellington with spinach and gravy.
Pan fried cod fish, honey potato puree served with carrot mustard sauce.

Baked chicken wellington with spinach and gravy. Don't it look like an art?

Crispy crush on the outside wrapped with juicy chicken. It also come with boiled broccoli, boiled baby corn, boiled zucchini, garlic fried spinach and a blanch cherry tomato.

It was filled with mushroom, chicken and species. Goes well with the special gravy.

Pan fried cod fish, honey potato puree served with carrot mustard sauce.  Crispy skin and moist meat. The fresh fish go well with the carrot mustard sauce. It also come with boiled broccoli, boiled baby corn, boiled zucchini and honey potato puree. Gals will definitely love this dish.

Endless Love strawberry mousse, jack fruit filo served with clear vanilla sauce and pralinesThe dessert is sweet on the top and sour in the middle. The jack fruit filo go well with the clear vanilla sauce. Pralines is dark chocolate and mocha flavor.  

Pralines is shown in picture on the right. Chocolate under the Happy Valentines. 

House wine or mocktail will be serve after the dessert and the lovely pair of Captain Morgan teddy bear will be given as gift. Don't you want to hug them? So furry, cute and soft.

Captain Morgan is waiting for you :)

Is this the Valentine dinner you looking for? Don't forget there are candle light and live sentimental music accompany you during the special day. 
This Romance dinner is RM198++ per couple on 14 Feb 2012, 6.30pm ~ 10.00pm ONLY!

Swez Brasserie Eastin Hotel Penang 

1 Solok Bayan Indah, Queensbay
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia

GPS: 5.33698,100.30679

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Tel: +604-612 1111, Fax: +604-612 1128
Email :

Irresistible Romance dinning hour : 14 Feb 2012, 6.30pm ~ 10.00pm

- Phua Chu Kang Eastin Hotel Penang charity event, CLICK HERE

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