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Day 4 KL Food Road Trip CNY 2012

The last day in KL we went to 1Utama for last minute shopping. After we settled the shopping and our stomach, we hit the road to balik Penang. During the balik kampung trip we planed some small trip to Hot Spring (Taman Rekreasi Air Panas (TRAP) Sungai Klah, Sungkai, Perak). Eventually we just drop by the hot spring and didn't went in because we were not prepared for it. We might plan for next road trip to KL.

First stop was Mister Donut. I came across this donut from my Japanese friend. She told me that the best donut she ever had was this mister donut. It even better then J.Co or  krispy kreme. So once i walk pass Jusco food court and saw this i immediately wanted to try this out. 

While i looking at the donut i saw their best selling donut was this Pon De Ring (RM2.60). It said it was Japanese most famous donut with "mochi-mochi" texture. 

The ambient of the Mister Donut, simple yet nice.

So we ordered the Pon De Ring and the Angel Cream (RM2.60 ~ 2.80). Not sure the actual price. Anyway i love the Pon De Ring texture. The Angel Cream was the top 4 best selling donut. The angel cream was fresh whipping cream dust with icing sugar donut. It was good too. 

Recently i am into Pork Burger. I been eagle to try out this Japanese Pork burger, Ninja Joe. I heard of this burger from a ex-flogger so without much though we walked in for our lunch.

The menu was simple and the place was too. 

Too bad the pork burger taste very porky and cold. Quite disappointed with it. 

Cyn can't stand the porky smell and wanted to had some thing else to take away the porky smell. So we went to the opposite shop Hokkaido Ice Cream. 

We order the Vanilla and salted caramel (RM6.80).  If you notice that the ice cream was half finished. Funny thing during the purchasee of the ice cream. Cyn didn't pay for the ice cream and walk away eating it. So when i walked away from the shop the server called me to pay. See la how power is the porky smell pork burger. 

After Ice Cream, Cyn still can felt the porky smell in her mouth. So we went for some thing stronger (Cinnabon) to take away the smell.

Shop ambient of Cinnabon 

We ordered having here but the server packed it for us.

Mini Cinnabon roll (RM3.80), It was good but not hot. Actually you can ask the server to heat up for you.

After we clear the porky smell we hit the road and balik kampung. Along the way we went to Restoran Wing Lok Yuan 永樂園餐廳 for the famous claypot chicken rice.

For more review regarding Restoran Wing Lok Yuan 永樂園餐廳, CLICK HERE. (Coming Soon!)  

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