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Shunka Yatai Ryori 1st Avenue Penang

A new stall was opened at 1st Avenue recently. It is located in front of Red box karaoke and chatime tea house. We saw it setting up for a while wandering what they were selling. Finally they were opened and we happened to need a light meal.

It is called Shunka Yatai Ryori. They were selling Japanese & fusion food. We were told by the server that Shunka were implementing Shunka Kiosk Concept called as Oden in Japanese. It is a Japanese traditional style kiosk, usually located in shopping mall, airport, MRT and so on. This concept has been started in Japan, Taiwan and China. Hence, everyone has the opportunity to taste the high quality Japanese home-style foods in Shunka Japanese and Fusion Foods. Shunka Yatai Ryori in 1st Avenue Penang is a fusion stall. When Shunka was introduce to Taiwan, they sort of blend in Taiwanese style as well. So Shunka Yatai Ryori is a Japanese and fusion food :)

The stall front view is gorgeous.

They were putting so many sign name so a bit confusing what to call the stall. Anyway the first though that came across my mind when i was introduced by the server was lok lok. Just that the ingredient used was Japanese ingredient or i should call it high class lok lok. 

The ambient there were cool but too blue for photo shooting. 

The kitchen was so big but i found that they never fully utilize the place properly. May be they have plan to expend their kitchen bigger in the future selling more food :)

All the items or food were cooked in their special soup. They were absorbed all the goodness and juices from the soup all the time before served.

Another cook station selling Cheese tamagoyaki and tamagoyaki. It was cooked slowly and carefully. 

They also provided various type of sauces. They were Wasabi, Mustard, Tougarashi (Japanese Chilies flake), Sweet Sauce, Rayu (Japanese Chilies oil used for soup), Japanese Soy Sauce, Tonkatsu Sauce (Sweet and sour sauce, i like this very much. Tasted like tamarind sauce), Tomato Sauce, Chilies Sauce and Mayonnaise.

Click the picture for larger view :)

The menu was very misleading. It mention set meal which is not a set meal. It was a suggestion on how you can ordered your food. The "set meal" must ordered a minimum of 3 items only can order the Japanese steamed rice RM3 or Udon RM6 or Soba RM6 or Cha Soba RM6 or Ramen RM5. The item you picked will charge separated. So the cheapest item price was RM1.90. 3 items will go up to a minimum of RM5.7 without rice or noodle. If you order the cheapest item, which is rice. You will need to pay RM8.7. So it is kind of expensive light meal.

Korokke RM5.90. It came with Tougarashi and Tonkatsu Sauce but you can always choose your own sauce to dip in. Not really a fan for this snack. It was crispy on the outside, soft and melted inside. A bit pricey for this small piece of snack.

Our "set meal" was ready :)

We ordered Enoki mushroom RM1.90, satsuma age RM2.90 and hapen RM1.90. Don't forget our cha soba RM6, so came to a total of RM12.70. The best thing in the dish was Satsuma age, enoki mushroom and the soup. It was a very expensive light meal.  

Sorry for the lousy food shot it is because my camera don't work well under blue light. Food wise they were using good quality ingredient. Packaging they were also using very good quality container but the price is on the high side. Beside that the portion was rather small for a guy but just nice for a little gal :)

Shunka Yatai Ryori at 1st Avenue Penang

1st Avenue Mall
Lots 8-16, 182 Jalan Magazine,
10300 Penang

GPS: 5.413135,100.331311

Business Hours: 10am ~ 10pm Daily

FB: https://www.facebook.com/shunka.com.my?sk=wall

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