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Up close with Sifu Mai Lai Chong at Chin Bee Restaurant

During the Food Hunt with Celebrity Chef Chen Hong, I brought him to Chin Bee restaurant to meet up with Sifu Mai Lai Chong. All the chefs were impressed with Sifu Mai Lai Chong skill and experience in kitchen. Sifu Mai Lai Chong is 68 year old but he has almost 5 decade of experiences.

Stuffed Pork Trotter with Eight Treasure 八寳豬手, RM80.

All 3 chefs were so impress when eating this dish. Celebrity Chef Chen Hong felt like he is eating "bak chang".  Want to know why? The secret lie within the eight treasure. It contains 1- Scallop 2- Sea Cucumber 3- Water Chestnut 4- Mushroom 5- Chestnut 6- Carrot 7- Cut meat cube from trotter 8- Glutinous rice. Don't you think the ingredients are the same as bak chang ingredients?

 Five Continents Under the Moonlight 月光照五洲, RM30

I love the steam egg as it is silky smooth topped with prawns, grouper fillets, squids, century eggs and mussel.

Dry Fry Grouper Head 生炒石斑魚頭,  RM30

It is fried with some homemade special sauce and the fish head juice. No additional drop of water is added in this dish.

Three chef were sitting together talking about how great the food were. 

Beside the three dishes, Sifu Mai Lai Chong also introduced Hong Tu Mien 鴻圖面 and Gui Hua Mien 桂花麵. Both noodle  taste so good that i have no time to shoot properly :)

After the lunch, Chef Park showed us how to share love and happiness with other by putting a piece of chocolate on people window. I asked him why he do so? He reply to make people happy. Just a simple though that change the world.

At night I arrange for a blogger and pod cast interview with Celebrity Chef Chen Hong. 
After Celebrity Chef Chen Hong is back to Taiwan, i finally get my own time back as the past 2 week I have been following them in and out. So Crizlai brought us this special opportunity for up close with Sifu Mai Lai Chong. This time I am more free to walk around and shoot whatever picture I want. So I can get this special moment picture and insider news to share out. 

If you interested to listen to the interview with Celebrity Chef Chen Hong please Click Here!!!
Stuffed Pork Trotter with Eight Treasure 八寳豬手

Guess what the hell is this? Yeah you are right, it is pig’s caul fat netting. Which will be use for the next dish :)

This one is my latest favorite as well :)

It is Iron Net Golden Dragon 鐵網金龍,  RM3.50/pcs, Min order 2 pieces. It go well with the special made pickle or Sifu called it "Q tau". It is made of salted egg, prawn,  pig’s caul fat netting and gold nugget (Bak kuah in round shape).

Granny Asking Direction 婆婆問路, RM20.00. is another special own creation dish by the Sifu Mai Lai Chong.  It contain fuzzy melon/squash, seafood, vegetables, mushrooms, scallops and sliced chicken sausages.

This is my tea break at Chin Bee Restaurant.

Ambient at Chin Bee Restaurant, simple and cozy.

Welcome to Chin Bee Restaurant. 

For the other 2 dishes interview please watch video below :

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