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Oishi Frozen Yogurt @ 1st Avenue Mall Penang

Frozen Yogurt is one of the dessert that are mushrooming up in Penang beside Taiwan bubble tea (Tea Secret, Chartime, Happy La Tea and etc) and Taiwan dessert (ZenQ, Black Ball and etc). So what is this trendy dessert that i am saying? 
Frozen yogurt (also known as frozen yoghurt or by the tradenames FroYo and Frogurt) is a frozen dessert containing yogurt or other dairy products. It is slightly more tart than ice cream, as well as lower in fat (due to the use of milk instead of cream). It differs from ice milk (more recently termed low-fat or light ice cream), which does not include yogurt as an ingredient. ~ Wiki
It is like ice cream but it is much more healthier version of ice cream. Sourness from the yogurt so some of the people not use to it but It is a favorite dessert for health concern people or gal. 

Actually there are a lot brands of FroYo in Penang, they are Fruzze at Straits Quay, Tutti Frutti, Mieleyo at egate, JCo, Hokkaido and etc. Which one is the best so far i tried? I had tried almost all but i found this new stall, Oishi Frozen Yogurt at 1st Avenue Mall, Penang is the best among all. 

There are few reasons for me to say Oishi Frozen Yogurt is the best:
1- Oishi's FroYo fruit flavor FroYo is using real fruit purée to get the real aroma and taste of the fruit. Not like other FroYo shop using powder flavor.
2- Oishi's FroYo never use Lemon Juice. Some of the commercial FroYo, they use lemon juice to reduce cost.
3- Oishi's FroYo taste better because they used really good raw ingredient.
4- Oishi's FroYo don't melt so fast like other do. Even melt you still able to see the liquid FroYo. I say this because i had bad experience on melting FroYo. They separated into juice and cream, which you can't eat anymore after that.
5- Oishi's FroYo sourness is average compare to all the FroYo in the market. Beside that they are not over sweet and creamy.
6- Oishi's FroYo is homemade recipe by the pretty lady boss, Cynthia herself. +2 bonus for her and her hardwork :)

If you are a FroYo lover, you must try this cause you will definitely fall in love with it :) If you are not you can also go test makan before you purchase. They give out small sample for testing. So remember go try out when you at 1st Avenue Mall, Penang. They are just outside TGV.

The overall look of Oishi Frozen Yogurt stall.

You can always take picture with me :)

They also sell snack, drink, dessert and fresh fruit. I heard they serve very good custard and milk shake. Pricing is quite reasonable.

You have to merry go round to see the whole menu :p

There are more then 20++ toppings to add on. So you can DIY your FroYo tower :)

The toppings are:

Fruit mix raisin, Cornflakes, Chocolate/strawberry chips, Macadamia nuts with oat, Almond, Nata de coco, Peanut, Gummy bears, Konyanku jelly, Smarties, Sunflower seed, Marshmallow, Kiwi, Mango, Dragon fruit, Peach slices/ fruit, cocktail,Longan, Strawberry(if available), Grapes, Mini Oreo, Munchy's strawberry snacks, Coco pillow biscuit, Rice, crisp, Hersheys syrup and etc. 

I prefer the Oat, Chocolate/strawberry chips and Hersheys chocolate syrup as my topping :) What about you?

Oishi have 4 Froyo machine. Flavors for the night were Original yogurt, Raspberry yogurt, Peach yogurt and  Belgium Chocolate ice cream. Yeah they have Belgium chocolate ice cream. I was told that some time customer came in group, some of them don't like FroYo then they still have a choice to select. Oishi  Frozen Yogurt is using low fat milk and no whipping cream to make the ice cream so it is still a healthy version of ice cream. Beside who don't like chocolate ice cream :)

All the flavor they had are Strawberry, Raspberry, Kiwi, Peach, passion fruit, Mix berries, Mango and Banana but you can only have 3 choice per time :)

All the seating at Oishi Frozen Yogurt. 

I love this welcome board very much. Planning to curi next time, muahaha.

Angel at the counter, don't you think it look like Oishi Frozen Yogurt logo?

See what i mean? STILL STANDING after 10 min ++ 

The most preference choices of the night for the gang, Peach FroYo and Raspberry FroYo. Me i prefer the peach flavor one. Purely because it is real ingredient and not artificial flavoring.
Below were the design from the gang, which one is the best? 

Got little red head from Emily.

Don't you think this is the best design? Simple and elegant.

Design from Criz.

My FroYo weighted 0.26KG. It cost RM12.74 but i only need to pay RM10.14 for that. This is because they having a Opening Promotion NOW!!! Shown below.

1st & 2nd week of January 2012, 20% off ~ RM0.39/10g
3rd & 4th week of January 2012, 10% off ~ RM0.44/10g
Super cheap lo, cepat cepat go grab a big cup.

Hmm, using another camare (Panasonic DMC-FS20) still not use to it yet. So when i shoot dessert photo, it out focused :P

After the my FroYo, we had the Honey Lemon, RM3.50. 

So guys, we Penang lang are very lucky for being a food heaven in the world. Now after eating all the great food you can have this healthy dessert for sweet ending :) Price wise and quality wise, Oishi Frozen Yogurt is definitely a better choice of FroYo in the market. So do try this out. 

Oishi Frozen Yogurt
8th Floor (in front of TGV Cinema)
1st Avenue Mall Penang,
183 Jalan Magazine,
George Town,
10300 Penang.
GPS: 5.413135,100.331472

Business Hours: 10.00am-11.00pm (weekdays), 10.00am-12.00am (weekends)
Contact: 017-938 1809 (Ms Cynthia), 012-961 4235 (Mr Lim)

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/oishifroyo

Disclaimer: This is a personal food blog. The opinions expressed here are my own, based on my personal taste buds; others may have different opinions. Also, as we all know, qualities & standards of individual restaurants/food may change over time, so do note the time stamp on this review.

Disclaimer: This is a personal food blog. The opinions expressed here are my own, based on my personal taste buds; others may have different opinions. Also, as we all know, qualities & standards of individual restaurants/food may change over time, so do note the time stamp on this review.


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