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2011 Durian is on its way, are you eager to feast?

I am honoured to be invited to another Durian orchard belonged to Mr Tang. This time Foodtok traveled even further into the heart of Penang Durian city, Balik Pulau. According to Miss Tang, Durian will drop by end of the month as estimated. First to drop will be Durian 604, then follow by our branded durian like, Raja Kunyik / 猫山王, ang heh / 红虾, hor Lor / 葫芦, Egg Yolk, Lipan, Kana, Eu and etc. Durian season will end with D15 Durian. So that is why they say begining of Durian season not so nice cause all our branded Durian only drop during the middle of the Durian Season. FYI, ang heh / 红虾 in Penang was continually the world champion for 6 years.

How we determine the durian this week is good? Mostly based on weather. If the weather is hot, Durian will be good. When raining or windy day Durian quality drop due to Durian that drop is still immature.

Why Malaysia Durian not suitable to export and Thai Durian can? Exported Thai Durian mostly are D24. Thai orchard pluck the Durian before it matures and put a type of chemical called kapai toh. It is grey in color and it is used to apply on the Durian so that no insect will attack it and able to ripe off the tree. Whereby Malaysia Durian not using chemical so that is why Malaysia Durian will have ripe on tree. You will notice that there will be no flies around Thai Durian. Thai Durian don't taste good because they tend to be tasteless and not sweet.

Why fresh Durian taste better? The "fragrant" aroma will start losing after the durian drop.

Let FoodTok bring you to another cool and exciting Balik Pulau Durian orchard journey just before the start of 2o11 Durian feast. Formally this is a mango orchard but they fail to bring in profit so the ex-ex-owner sell of the orchard. Ex-owner planted Durian, Nutmeg and cempedak.

This is the hall for or resting place for the visitor. Mr Tang set up a pondok with a magnificent view so that visitor can eat Durian and enjoy themselves with the wonderful view.

Clockwise : Pondok look, mangosteen trunk being use as a pillar of pondok, slip road off the Balik Pulau town from the Durian orchard and seat made from tree trunk.

Back to Durian story, see all the big big durian is ripping on the tree top.

Big durian almost ripe, the net below waiting to catch it when it fall.

There are two ways of preventing the Durian direct hit the mother earth. By net or by rope. Net is easier where rope you will have to climb up the tree and tie one by one.

Foodotok can't wait the Durian to fall and climb up the tree to "eat" the durian :) (Dramatic story after this tree shot. Refer to bottom for a dramatic story that involves the hospital.)

Nature walk in the Durian orchard. Nice view and full with flora & fauna.

Too many Durian were so low that i accidentally head into 1. Don't try this at home as we are professional stunt man :) * Fresh young durian really hurts :~, see the expression you can know how pain i am in.

Along the way, alot of small baby wasted on the floor.

Nutmeg is fresh and big. Miss Lim gave us a full bag of juicy fresh nutmeg. She even thought us how to cook it. 12 ~14 big juicy nutmeg slow cook with 1KG of sugar. Then you will get a fantastic nutmeg syrup.

Along the way there are alot wonderful scenery.

According Miss Lim, this is Pulau Betong. If we are there at 4PM, we able to see all the fisherman boat coming back from the sea. Moreover the place i stand to shoot this shot, is believe that contain a power crystal aura. Very nice spot to reserve natural crystal energy for better health :)

Foodtok never forget to take a cool shot along the way to the top of the hill :) (*My toe start to feel unconformable.)

Sad story along the way. Mr Tang lost 13 Durian tree the day before our arrival by forest fire.

There are a private waterfall in the Durian orchard. You can enjoy the cold natural mineral water. So why not get yourself wet while visit the Durian Orchard. The stream of cold water drag my body heat away, see how enjoy i am :)

If you lazy to walk up the hill, you still get to enjoy the cold mini waterfall at the bottom of the hill just beside the pondok. Or you can walk in this fantastic view Durian orchard, enjoy the beautiful scene, break away from the busy city by breathing some natural air and drink the fresh mineral water from the river. Or even reserve some natural crystal aura and sweat a little. There are so much to offer in this orchard. I enjoy myself very much why not you?

Here is the durian orchard's map. Total of 22 hectare in size :)

Here is a local way of enjoy the nutmeg. Blended nutmeg with assam and add in 100 plus. I tried it, i feel it has an unique aroma almost similar to the aroma of vanilla. Smooth and tasty, you should try out with this combination :)

Below will be my dramatic story after back from the orchard. Leg was bitten during the shot on the tree. There are alot of insets in the orchard but they will not attack people unless they feel threaten. I am up close with the insect that is why i got bitten. So no worries folks, durian orchard is safe to visit.

See the bite mark after 1 day on my leg. After the bite i feel numb and swollen at my toe and eventually the whole leg. Body start to react to allergy and get rash. Itchiness start during the lunch time when i try out the new blended nutmeg juice. I went back office to work until tea time. That time i felt better but my parents insisted that i go to clinic for doctor. Since all the government clinic were closed at that hour so i went to General Hospital.

The nurse sent me to the emergency room for treatment. Doctor had a look at me and said i am better but it is best to get a jab. The nurse brought 2 shots of jab for me. First jab was ok, then comes the second jab. While giving me second jab, there are some air in the tube so the nurse push in and out to make the air trap in between the medication. while she doing that my blood also in and out in the tube. She told me that this jab will make me feel dizzy. Immediately i felt like vomit. So i told her at the same time i was black out.

Suddenly i was shaken to wake up, alot of people beside me. Calling me boy boy wake up! I wake up la, then few sec later i black out again. They try to wake me up again. I did wake up then faint again. These go on for a few rounds, they finally ask me breathe properly. So i breathe deeply so that i wouldn't faint again. The nurse though i having breathing difficulty pulak.

Anyway, i was probed to check my heart beat to prevent my heart stop :) (Abit too dramatic liau). Then they found that i am ok so push me a side and rest there. At that time my brother was outside the ward. Though i should take 30min tops for the visit. End up i was fainted in bed and took me 3 hours to wake up. So he waited like sohai outside. Eventually he walked in the ward and found me lying on the bed.

Doctor told me that i went into Fainting (syncope), a sudden loss of consciousness from a lack of blood flow to the brain and causes the heart to slow drastically. That is why i was probed to check my heart beat. After that i was discharge and went for Thai food by some 1 :)

This shot is the start of the dramatic late afternoon of mine.

Although the dramatic late afternoon but i get to enjoy myself very much during the visit.

I love these few shots very much, what about you? Have you fall in love with the place? Why not spend your time here and enjoy the king of the fruit at the same time.

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Take care ar..what an appaling experience. Next time be careful ya. Now feeling better?

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Yeah better now, will not do so much sohai thing next time :)

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i am a shy person ma :$

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Hey care to tell me the exact location as I want to plan to ride bicycle there for durian, I want to organise a Durian Ride for my friends. thanks a lot!!

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pm-ed u liau ray :)

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What an experience that was!I'm glad you are okay.I hope you could add this Durian widget at the end of this post so we could add you in our list of food bloggers who blogged about durian,Thanks!

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done Alisa :)

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Can share the location? I wish to go next week...

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