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Lolipot Localist Shabu Shabu near Queensbay Mall, Penang

This is another hidden restaurant in Penang. They transformed our Chinese traditional steamboat into more fun way to dine in. The steamboat items are served on the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt takes about 8 minutes to complete a cycle. So if you miss the item you will have wait another 8 minutes :) Slices of pork, lamb and beef will be served upon request. This is because they wanted to make sure the meat is served fresh. Think about the thin slices of meat to "Sapu, sapu" 4 ~ 6 times, YUM Yum. Meat is tender and juicy, soup increase in flavor. And yeah this is another localize shabu shabu buffet restaurant. The buffet price is RM30+ per pax.

They serve 3 basic soups, which are clear soup, tomyam soup and rice wine soup. Every month they have this special soup of the month. May is Mushroom soup and Jun will be Japanese clam soup. This promo will have to add in RM5. I tried 4 types of the soup, Tomyam will be my 1st choice. Followed by clear soup then rice wine and mushroom soup.

Waited till late 11pm only able to get into this shot as alot of car is parking in front of the shop :)

Localize shabu shabu is a very nice place to go sapu sapu with a big gang of friend.

The interior is very cozy. The environment is great as they use 4 5hp air-con to maintain the temperature in the restaurant. White color makes the shop look cleaner and bigger.

Surprisingly the shop is packed with customers. A steady stream of customers in and out the shop. This have proven that the shop is well known to our local Penang Lang.

4 types of drink available. Orange, mango, green tea honey and peach tea. I love the green tea honey most.

Clockwise : Rice wine soup, mushroom soup, tomyam soup and clear soup. you can add in more wine, they serve in bottle at the back.

From Left : 2 sauces available. One is chili with coriander and sesame seed, fried garlic and chilies padi.

They are alot of to choose from on the conveyor belt. From meat, vegetable, mushroom to many types of bola. (20++ types of item to choose from)

Best part of the buffet is this thin slices of meat. From front is beef, pork and lamb. IS BUFFET!!! So order as much as you want.

4 ~ 6 sapu and you are ready to makan the thin slices of meat. We found that the clear soup and tomyam is the best suit for "sapu sapu". As for the other 2 soups more suitable for white meat.

This slice of meat was "sapu" with tomyam soup. Look spicy?

There are at least 8 types of ice cream to choose from. I love the mango and green tea very much. For those who love crepe cottage mango ice cream ( You may come here to enjoy your beloved mango ice cream in buffet style.

After the meal, we get to chat with the director of Lolipot. he gave us this FREE member card.

Condition of the member card :

- 10% off upon purchase on F&B.

How to get the member card?
Spend min of RM150 in a single receipt and you will get this membership card free for life.

so here you go, their cool name card :)

They have 2 session, lunch from
11AM ~ 3PM (Serve set lunch)
6Pm ~ 11PM (Server buffet)

* Not sure about the set lunch as i went for the dinner buffet only.

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Pow Long Wong said...

Hi J & C,

I am regular customer to Lolipot as well but i never been there for dinner. I only been there for lunch.

I think the lolipot is located inside bay avenue and it is hard to be found. Kind of surprise to see that the restaurant is quiet full.

The concept of buffet steamboat that Lolipot has is very good. I will go and try it out some day for the dinner.


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