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Invited Review: (Pork-free) Village BBQ & Steamboat @ Penang

Update 9/July/2011 : This restaurant has since closed down.
Village BBQ & Steamboat had just taken over the old shop, Protip Thai Food Restaurant. The owner is Penang lang but the shop is managed by F&B management. They are not only serving steamboat & BBQ buffet but they also have ala carte menu as well. The food served are quite KL styled which is Portuguese grill. This style of cooking is very popular in KL area.

When i work in factory, we always have problem on where to go makan. This is due to alot restaurants which are not Halal. Here i think will be a good place for your future company lunch or dinner.

They have 3 type of soup to choose for the BBQ & steamboat. They are Chicken soup, bak kut teh and tom yam.

These are all the (food) you can eat for buffet food, vegetable corner, sauce corner, ball & meat. Meat stuff dishes will have to ordered. This is because they want to make sure the freshness of the meat. Price for the buffet is from RM18.90++. Too bad that day we were invited to try out the ala carte menu only :)

# For every 4 paxs dine in, FREE Charcoal BBQ Crab with Salt
# For every 8 paxs dine in, FREE Charcoal BBQ Tilapia Fish with Salt
* This promo don't know until when will end, so call to confirm on this.

There are more then than 35++ type of beer available there. We chose 9 types of beer to try out because we are not really a beer expert drinker. Among all i prefer savanna dry cidar. It is more like wine than beer. Anyway i am no position of judging it as i am not a drinker :)

Outdoor and indoor seating.

BBQ area.

Below are the food we tasted from the ala carte menu:

Clockwise : BBQ brinjal RM3.50 (Quite nice doh), BBQ sambal cincauru RM8.00 (The fish is well grilled, not over too dry and taste good), BBQ Lamb RM15.00 and BBQ chicken RM10 (Well cook and rest, the meat maintain the moisture and abit crisp skin)

A good BBQ must have its’ meat to rest before serving to the customer. Resting a meat will re-moist the meat and increase the flavor of the meat.

BBQ salted Talapia, RM32.00 is super good. I love the way they cooked it. Really alot of salt on top of it. Alot asked me whether the fish will be super salty. No, the fish is not salty as i just sweep away the rock salt on the surface. Salt also prevent the fish from getting burned.

Charcoal BBQ Prawn with salt RM22. (Very nice dish i love it very much)

from left : Salted crab RM30.00 and Tau foo bakar & yau char kueh (served with rojak sauce) RM5.50.

Clockwise : Portugal style curry lamb, RM12.90 (I love this one, super good), Portugal style sambal tumis squid RM11.00, Portugal sumbal tumis kang kong and Portugal style asam pedas ikan kampong.

Clockwise : Oyster sauce lady fingers RM6.90 (They also serve non-spicy food.), Portugal style sambal tumis lady finger RM6.90, Portugal style tom yam prawn RM11.90 and Portugal style sambal balacan lala RM12.00.

Left start : Rendang Lamb Shank RM22.00 (It is juicy, soft and tender. It worth a try especially with rice) and curry fish head with man tou RM32.00. (The fish is fresh and big. the meat of the fish is smooth and tasty. Eat with man tou sounds weird but it is really good.)

Sweet & sour crab RM35.00 (I am not a crab eater but i notice that she is enjoying the crab very much. Hint hint to Miss Toh)

Lava Milo RM5.50 (When i see this, it reminded me of Cynthia, cause she always does this)

Chocolate snow ice RM6.90 (I love this cause the chocolate is not too sweet and creamy.)

Lychee snow ice RM6.90 (Lychee lover sure love this dessert as the ice blended is very fine and overall taste good.)

Village snow ice RM7.90 (This is their home specialty, the bola in the dessert is yogurt ball. With all the ingredient sour and sweet it is really heavenly mix.)

Strawberry snow ice RM6.90 (This is also one of the best dessert of the night. Sour and sweet fine snow ice)

Overall the ala carte menu is worth to try out as the food were good. Price is at the upper-mid range. It really brings back the memory of my KL days. The Portugal grill that night is abit spicy but i loved it. Even though i sweat a few pack of tissue, it wouldn't didn’t stop me from continue eating.

After your delicious meal don't forget to order the tempting dessert. Snow ice is very fine, with this fine texture the snow ice really bring to another level. Will definitely go and pay them a visit again.

Disclaimer: This is a personal food blog. The opinions expressed here are my own, based on my personal taste buds; others may have different opinions. Also, as we all know, qualities & standards of individual restaurants/food may change over time, so do note the time stamp on this review.


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