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Invited Review: (Non-halal) You Shan Fine Soup House

Penang lang here we got a new herbal soup restaurant (You Shan Fine Soup House) at Auto World complex, Penang. They are expert in brewing traditional herbal soup. The cook is an experience cook and their advisor, Mr. Chew Hock Eam, a Chinese Physician, has been curing patients for 30 years. He is definitely a trustworthy Traditional Chinese doctor. With both teaming up, i believe they will definitely make more Penang lang healthy :)

The cook not only expert in brewing herbal soup but he is also an expert in Chinese cuisine.

The interior of the soup house.

14-May-2011 You Shan Fine Soup House has marked another history in Auto City. Today is their Grand opening.

The restaurant was officially launched on 14 May 2011 by our YB Ms. Betty Chew, wife of the Penang Chief Minister, YB Mr. Lim Guan Eng.

The opening speech by YB Ms. Betty Chew and Mr. Chew Hock Eam.

After the speech, all the guests or honour were invited to pull the red ribbon as a official launch.

Congratulation to You Shan Fine Soup House for their grand opening and here are their kitchen crew.

From left : Fine Soup King, steam grouper fish and cereal prawn.

From left : Broccoli with clams, seafood claypot and braised pork leg.

If you think they are only serving herbal soup, you are wrong. They serve very good traditional Chinese cuisine as well. There are 60 types of soup but you will need to pre-order 24 hour in advance before dine in. Price range is quite reasonable from RM5 ~ RM68. Don't worry about it, daily they will have 3 soup for you to choose from. So if you want special soup please pre-order. Call 017-488 3400.

Below shown the You Shan Fine Soup House soup menu, click to see original size.

Currently they are having promo until 30-Jun-2011.
(If you want to get this promotion voucher do leave a message in comment.)

For You Shan Fine Soup House detail ~ CLICK HERE !!!

Click for Bigger pic :)

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Chiu Yin said...

Hi!Thanks for the recommendation. The choices of soups are lots!!How can I get the promotion voucher?

Jacgy said...

Hi Chiu Yin,

I got like 1 stack of the promo vouchers, if you want i can pass it to you. If convenient you can come over to PISA or Gelugor area i pass it to you lo.

Or you can call up the restaurant (017-488 3400)and ask them whether they still giving out the voucher or not. If yes you tell them that you go over, collect and use on the spot lo :)

Anonymous said...

can i hv menu price

Jacgy said...

Hi upon request for the menu price. Not nice pic taken but just to fulfill ur request on the pricing.

There will be a new menu coming up so that is why i never show the price menu :)

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