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Are you ready for yet another Durian season in 2011?

(15-May-2011) Penang is a wonderful place in Malaysia. Penang with its UNESCO historic city status, great foods to offer, beautiful long white sandy beaches, variety in flora & fauna, rich multi-culture and home to the king of fruits - Durian.

Durians will usually harvest in June ~ July. So are you ready for 2011 Durian season?

We, Foodtok was invited to visit a Durian (Wiki) orchard before the start of the season. Let us warm you up for the 2011 Durian that has yet to come. During the visit we only get to see baby and young Durian hanging on the branch. Upon arrival we were introduced to the owner of the orchard, Mr Tang. He shared the history of the orchard and Durian story with us. In 2010, durians are harvested on April but due to climate change, this year’s durians will be harvested in June.

This orchard was rented out for many years. It has been only 2 years when the owner took over control of the orchard. This is due to the renter’s complaint about bad quality durians harvested and hence lower income. The renter then demanded for rental fee deduction. However, they later learned that the renter had decieved them about the bad quality durians. They learn that they have the best Durian quality to offer, especially Cat Moutain King / Raja Kunyit / 猫山王.

According to Mr Tang, the older durian trees produce better quality durians. This is an old orchard since 1967 (44 years old - by 2011). There is no doubt about the quality of the fruit. The orchard is now managed by Tang family members, this includes cutting grass, spraying chemicals onto tress (need pump if trees are high), putting fertilizers and etc.

In this orchard you can get Raja Kunyik / 猫山王, ang heh / 红虾, hor Lor / 葫芦, Egg Yolk, Lipan, Kana, Eu and etc. You name it, they got it :)

After all the Durian’s story, it is time for some serious Durian orchard visit. Too bad there were only baby and young Durian available. Special netting is set to prevent the fruit from directly hitting the ground.

Mr Tang grabbing some young Raja Kunyik / 猫山王 from the tree.

Named after Loh Boon Siew, story said Loh was in love with this particular type of Durian.

Durian Ganja blooming on the tree, waiting to get ripe.

Named after Loh Boon Siew, story said Loh was in love with this particular type of Durian.

Cute baby Durian.

The orchard also offers rambutan, Elephant Banana, papaya, Chempedak, markisah, pulasan, Tapioca and etc. Depend on availability of the fruit.

Passion fruit (is round to oval, either yellow or dark purple at maturity, with a soft to firm, juicy interior filled with numerous seeds. ~ Wiki)

Chempedak ~ Wiki

Young Elephant Banana

Young rambutan (It is one of the best known fruits of Southeast Asia and is also widely cultivated elsewhere in the tropics ~ Wiki)

Young pulasan. (A tropical fruit closely allied to the rambutan and sometimes confused with it. ~ Wiki)

Resting place in the orchard since 1967.

Group photo of Tang family member.

My worry for the future of Durian in Penang is that, Prices of local durians are expected to shoot up once Malaysia begins exporting the King of Fruits to China, said Chinese ambassador Chai Xi.
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I worry this will be the last year for us to enjoy our cheap and good durian. So why not join us for Durian feast? Email : for more info or wait for our announcement

Below is my naughty experience at the orchard.

Mr Tang grab! i also grab the young raja kunyit.

Durian ar! durian! i can't wait to eat u liau :)

Hmm which 1 to mark my name on it leh ?!

K set i pick u, u and u !!!

Baby ganja, they are name because the shape of the stem. Long and look like a cigar.

Some young Durian can’t wait their time and kissed our mother earth, what a waste.

Unfortunate that the tree was hit by thunder, such a big waste. So many durians are getting ready to serve our belly but now we got ourself a BBQ Durian.

Chempedak my love, i going to EAT u :)

Markisah Mr Tang grow is from Aussie. It is sweet and very sour but i like it even it make my face curd :)

100% nature mineral even better then Perrier. Tasted sweet and very refreshing. Mr Tang told me that if you get the water from the top of the hill, it is like cold water out the fridge. I don’t get a chance to try it out cause it will require another 20 Min walk.

Are you ready for yet another DURIANseason in 2011? So why not join us for Durian feast?
Email : for more info or wait for our announcement.

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