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Tong Pak fu Hong Kong Dessert, 糖百府 at Empire Shopping Gallery

Here our second dessert of the day 2 at Tong Pak Fu Hong Kong Dessert 糖百府. The first encounter of this dessert shop was in Hong Kong 2010. So i always called it HK Tong Pak Fu. This is because Penang has another Tong Pak Fu 糖伯府. Penang Tong Pak Fu 糖伯府 dessert can't compare with the Tong Pak Fu Hong Kong Dessert 糖百府 that i had in Hong Kong. So how is the brunch in Malaysia taste like? Let check out their new stall at Empire Shopping Gallery.

It was quite late when we arrived. So we rushed in the dessert place tired and craving for a good dessert. We just ran in the and look at the menu. They were award wining dessert from Hong Kong shown in the menu. Me so blur that forget to take the front  view of the shop.

Even thought was around 10pm but the place was packed with people hungry for a sweet ending for the day. 

First to come is Chocolate snow Ice 巧克力秋香, RM6.80. It was a chocolate snow ice came with banana and nata de coco. Sad to say that the chocolate used was a lousy chocolate. It taste like pasar malam chocolate taste. 
Close shoots of our Chocolate snow Ice 巧克力秋香

Next to come was Glutinous Rice Ball  麻甩( 芝麻糖不甩), RM4.80. It came with peanut and sesame seed mix topping which were pretty good.

See how Q the glutinous rice ball was. It went well with this peanut and sesame mix topping.

This was the cross-section of the glutinous rice ball. It was black inside as well. I believe they use black glutinous rice flour to make the ball.

Beside that it was freshly made as well. Our order was the last one. After this they closed kitchen for closed up.

We were given a card after payment. I love the reward card very much cause of the cute cartoon.
Below was a flyer i took in Hong Kong during my visit in 2010. As you can see the selection in the menu was not much but they had more variety of topping to choose from. You can even DIY your own dessert.

We love the green tea qq ball in green tea snow ice very much. The menu in Malaysia had less topping but more choices compare the 2010 Hong Kong menu. It was quite disappointing cause we had very high expectation with them. Even though Hong Kong's Tong Pak fu , 糖百府 served better dessert then Empire Shopping Gallery one but Empire Shopping Gallery one is definitely better then Penang Tong Pak Fu 糖伯府 

Tong Pak fu Hong Kong Dessert, 糖百府 at Empire Shopping Gallery

Empire Shoppinh Gallery,
Lot LG-05, Jalan SS16/1,
47500 Subang Jaya

GPS: 3.081916,101.582648

Business Hours: 10am ~ 10pm Daily

Contact: 03-2148 4800

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