Thursday, February 2, 2012 By: Chan

Molten Lava Cafe at 1 Utama Petaling Jaya

It is located in front of the cold storage of 1 Utama. It is a quiet side of the old wing 1 Utama . So you might need to walk for a while to there :) We get to know this shop by Google review online.

Front view of the Molten Lava Cafe. It is a very attractive shop that stand out at the quiet corner. 

Ambient and some of the dessert they serve there.

You can sit inside the shop or opposite the shop. I recommend you to sit outside because inside is a bit hot and oily.  

Churros  were made upon ordered. So you will had your Churros fresh and piping hot. Enjoy it slowly to prevent lips burn.

Molten Chocolate Dip Churros (RM5.80). Churros is a Spanish sweet snack consisting of a strip of fried dough dusted with icing sugar or cinnamon. 

It came with a molten chocolate, it taste familiar. Cyn suspect it is a melted Cadbury Chocolate sauce. Anyway we will try out at home to confirm it. The chocolate dip is good even it eat alone. 

Although it was dusted with icing sugar but it was not sweet even dip in the chocolate sauce. Looked yummy? Yeah it certainly yummy but abit pricey for 4 batang of fried donuts. 

Next we ordered the Macaroon. They were Salted caramel and hazelnut flavor Macaroon (RM3.30 each). Cyn was into making her own Macaroon so when she saw this she wanted to try it. Sad to say they Macaroons were lousy. 

The Macaroon were dry. Second macaroon had a huge air bubble on the top piece. To pay RM3.30 per piece we should get a better quality macaroon. 

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