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Restaurant Sum Fatt Kee best nasi lemak in Petaling Jaya?

This is a makan place that was put into the MUST TRY list before we travel south from Penang. After shopping at 1 Utama, we headed for this nasi lamak place. It was highly recommended by a lot of Petaling Jaya people and blogger. So we had high hope on this place even after our lousy lunch at Dontaku Ramen Japanese Restaurant. It was also known as "Maybank Mamak". So how is our nasi lemak experiences during CNY 2012? Read on! How bad can it get after Dontaku Ramen Japanese Restaurant. 

The Maybank Mamak is located in the Restaurant Sum Fatt Kee.

The seats were arranged along the side road. The best place to sit is further down or the opposite shop cause the side road slope down. So the tables and seats were slope one side. 

We ordered a cup of tea tarik and Milo panas. Surprisingly it was not sweet. 

We ordered the famous fried chicken nasi lemak (RM4.50). Sadly the nasi lemak taste soso. Not as we read in the blog piping hot nasi lemak and fried chicken. 

The fired chicken was cold. Taste ok only. I think may be it was CNY holiday so it was not pack with people and they not used to handle less traffic :) Food serve were not hot. 

Our next order was maggie mee goreng (RM3).

You can ordered for extra fried chicken for the mee goreng. The mee goreng was the standard mee goreng that you can get in any mamak stall. Noodle was boiled and rinse. After that they used the whole pack of maggie seasoning to fry the noodle. The dish was super salty. 

The best nasi lemak? i don't think so cause it tasted like normal mamak stall nasi lemak and mee goreng you can get at any mamak stall in Penang. Or may be because CNY, the nasi lemak stall sudden dropped of traffic so the quality of the food also dropped. Beside that while we had our dinner there, there was a small lizard climbed up Cyn's leg. So it was a horrible and bad nasi lemak experience at Restaurant Sum Fatt Kee.  No offence to PJ-ites you still can enjoyed your nasi lemak but not for those like me purposely traveled for the nasi lemak.

Mamak Stall at Restaurant Sun Fatt Kee (Halal)

crossroads of Jalan 21/17 and Jalan 21/11B
Seapark, Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.109797,101.622347

Business Hours:
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kurangak said...

best nasi lemak in pj? no no no... best nasi lemak in pj is somewhere near stanford college... opens from night till tomorrow morning... yati stall...

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