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Hou Mei Yuen 好味园 Next to Bukit Jambu Complex, Penang

I know Penang Pan Mee is not the MUST TRY food in Penang but this stall was one of my favorite Pan Mee since i was a kid. I still remember it was operate by the old couple. Now the shop is mainly operated by their work and both the owner will only in charge of collecting money :)

Now my favorite had change to another shop in George town (Will intro later). The pan mee here is very simple dish without fancy add on. 

The front view of the shop. It is quite hidden but we Penang people know where to hunt GREAT food so it is kind of popular among Penang people.

The bonus of the shop is it natural ambient. You were seated under a big tree so it is a good place to hang out during lunch time. 

There you can also order A1 Rojak which i found it was quite good but not the best in Penang. The A1 rojak guy will be yelling there A1 rojak! A1 rojak! or even ask you whether you want or not his A1 rojak. Worth a try doh. Beside A1 rojak there also a stall selling muah chee. Also name it A1  muah chee. Yeah i know it is lame but it is also kind of cute, right? A1 rojak and A1 muah chee selling at my old time A1 pan mee stall. 

Hou mei Yuen also selling dim sum if you crave for it. I believe they only sell it and not made by them. Taste not bad also. 

This is the typical pan mee soup they were selling. It come with black fungus, mined pork, sweet leaf and ikan bilis. It is good but i only eat it when i not feeling well :) They only serve one type of drink, which is herbal drink. You still have choice la, HOT or Cold :)

This is the thick pan mee dried version.

My all time favorite, thin dried pan mee. Although it is a simple dish but the sauce they used and the chili they serve were SUPER. Make sure you had it with their special made chili. It is sour and middle spicy but go very well with dried pan mee. I highly recommend must try this dish.  

Another interesting thing about this shop is they don't ask your order! You have to take your own order on a paper they provided in front of the counter.

How you order?
Step 1 - Take the order paper at the table next to the cooking area.
Step 2 - Fill in the table number and order.
Step 3 - Bring the order form to the table and inform the worker.
Step 4 - Wait for your delicious meal coming soon :)

Hou Mei Yuen 
Taman Bukit Jambul Flat, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang
GPS: 5.335671,100.288889

Business Hours: 8.00am ~ 3.00pm, Closed Sunday

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