Wednesday, December 7, 2011 By: Chan

Hunting the Oink!Oink! Pork burger at Sungai Nibong Pasar Malam, Penang

We use to walk walk at pasar malam but due to busy schedule we miss this fun long ago. Out of the blue we decided to pay our nearby pasar malam Sungai Nibong a visit. We discover this very unique shop, OINK!OINK! OMG! They were selling PORK BURGER! at Pasar Malam. 

It was like ages i never seen a pork burger so we give it a try. It taste so good but too bad i didn't bring my camera along cause that day it was a raining night. After that night, we been craving for more. Yesterday Wednesday, we go to the Sungai Nibong Pasar Malam to HUNT THE OINK!OINK!

See this space babi, don't afraid of it cause you going to hunt for it :) (Picture by Oink!Oink!)

Their moving vehicle that serve DELICIOUS Pork Burger, so follow it for it yummy PORK BURGER. (Picture by Oink!Oink!)

Cute picture by Oink!Oink!

This is OINK!OINK! stall that i shoot when they are selling at Sungai Nibong Pasar Malam. The stall was clear and hygiene.

Eric, the cook wearing a mask and towel to make sure food serve is FREE from his saliva and hair.

Black board with white chalk, typical old school promotion signboard. Too bad the chalk a bit faded.

This one faded too! Who care as long as they served me the yummylicious babi burger will do :)

What you can order? Regular pork with cheese RM5, Tried it. It was super delicious. Off and on they will come out another flavor, like curry pork buns. I missed it because It was the first time i found OINK!OINK! So i go for regular pork burger. I should have tried that the other day.

Why make OINK!OINK! so delicious?

Oink Oink pork burgers are made with 100% REAL MEAT delivered fresh daily from the butcher. NO MSG, ADDITIVES, PRESERVATIVES, FILLERS or other CHEMICAL NONSENSE. The minimalist burger is best enjoyed in its original state without a flood of sauce so you can taste and savor the freshness of the meat.

OINK!OINK! Mission   

To let taste buds take a break from frozen,processed, chemical infused junk and help them relearn the taste of natural REAL food.

Clockwise: 1- Cold pork patty on the Hot plate, dash of paper to add more flavour. 2- Well done caramelize onion ready to be serve. Best part is no burn side or charcoal. 3- Pork burger ready to serve if you don't like onion. 4- Cheese!

Hot burger served on soft grilled buns and complimented by caramelize onions, lettuce and tomatoes. Even better with cheese. Looking GOOD!

Beside GREAT babi burger were sold, i can also see a happy family are serving me. Customer service also have a impact on the dinner.
Will definitely hunt for OINK!OINK! at Sungai Nibong Pasar Malam. If you live far from Bayan Lepas area, no worry. You can visit them at other Pasar Malam as well. 

When & Where to hunt OINK!OINK!
Monday: Lebuh Macallum Pasar Malam
Tuesday: Tanjung Bungah Market, Pasar Malam
Wednesday: Sungai Nibong Pasar Malam
Thursday: Close
Friday: Jelutong (Perak Road) Pasar Malam
Saturday: Close
Sunday: Paya Terubong Pasar Malam

Great Food at Sungai Nibong Pasar Malam:
1- Oink!Oink! (MUST TRY)
2- Nyonya Apom Balik

Disclaimer: This is a personal food blog. The opinions expressed here are my own, based on my personal taste buds; others may have different opinions. Also, as we all know, qualities & standards of individual restaurants/food may change over time, so do note the time stamp on this review.


Anonymous said...

hey man i just tried the pork burger last friday n then tried to online to find more info abt it n saw ur blog...anyway wanted to say the pork burger is awsome!

jacgy said...

yes it is pretty good isn't it :)

grilo said...

I tried it yesterday. Two thumbs up!!

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