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Nyonya Apom balik at Sungai Nibong Pasar Malam, Penang

Here i would like to introduce you, another local delicacy which is good at Sungai Nibong Pasar Malam. This Nyonya Apom Balik was located next to the Oink!Oink!

It was a traditional local delicacy but the boss add a little twist in it. Now you can add extra ingredient according to your choice.

Front view of the stall.

The apom balik were cook to perfection, great aroma but not burn. This might take years of experience to perfect it.

Nyonya Apom Balik with banana, (1pc for RM0.60, 2pcs for RM1.00). As you can see the banana was cooked till soft and melt in your month.

Nyonya apom balik with tuna fish, (RM1.00). The combination is abit weird but taste good. Tuna fish used was good quality.

Nyonya apom balik with chocolate, (RM1.00). Surprisingly the chocolate used was not the cheapskate chocolate. It was a very good quality chocolate indeed. I never expect stall in pasar malam will use such high grade chocolate :)

Don't miss this when you go to the Sungai Nibong pasar malam. It is definitely a good sweet ending for your dinner :)
Nyonya Apom Balik menu are:

(1pc for RM0.60, 2pcs for RM1.00)
With Banana
With Corn
(RM1 per pc)
With Peanut butter
With Tuna fish
With Chocolate
With Cheese

Great Food at Sungai Nibong Pasar Malam:
1- Oink!Oink! (MUST TRY)
2- Nyonya Apom Balik

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