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Pulau Aman Trip 2 - Journey to Pulau Aman

19-Jun-2011, After breakfast, we went to the buy some medication for Stephy as she has problem with shaky boat. Because of the worry, she very blur and dum dum :) She asked whether to eat all 8 pallet of medication before go on boat? We're like, if you take all you might end up in an ambulance. 
Clockwise : 1- Podok you must not miss to go to Pulau Aman. If you don't see this, you better turn back :) 2- When you get there around 10.30AM, the parking almost full liau lo. 3- Kompleks Jayi Batu Musang, yet to open.

When i was told to go meet up at Pulau Aman Jetty, i thought it is in Penang Island. Pai seh har cause in Google map  show that Pulau Aman is reachable from Penang Island but didn't know that the new jetty to Pulau Aman is at Bukit Tambun. See how nice the place is? I though such a ulu isolated island will not have visitors. When we were there, surprisingly alot visitors waiting to pay Pulau Aman a visit. 

This is another confirmation before you reach the pondok that you are in the correct Jetty :)

From the parking lot, you already can see the wonderful and marvelous view of Pulau Aman.  Are you ready for this wonderful trip?

This is one of the scenes taken by the video crew. 

Clockwise : 1- View from the bridge toward Penang mainland. 2- Jetty view toward boat area. 3- Per pax is RM6, through and fro. 3- Overall view of the bridge. 

Stephy is taking this shot for us and we are saying bye bye to her :)

Boatman gave us a thumb up when we ask him to take a shot :)

Very obscene rite? Open for business :)
Learn from expert how to ride a boat with your heavy gear. Hands up! 

Beautiful view along the way, PULAU AMAN here we come!!!

Our poor female host really having difficulty on a shaky boat even after 1 pill? think so cause we never call for ambulance for help. 

Been to this beautiful island yet?

Plan a trip to go there ya :)
The whole journey took us about 15 minutes. It is a short journey, so plan a trip to there during a weekend and enjoy the relaxing, peaceful and fresh air.

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Chiu Yin said...

It is indeed a nice place,away from the hectic life in town =)

Now is ramadhan month, is the Restoran Terapung still open like normal days?

Jacgy said...

i think u can call in and confirm better, cause it is a celebration for them :)

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