Tuesday, July 5, 2011 By: Chan

Dine in at TAO AUTHENTIC ASIAN CUISINE, Egate with Celebrity Chef Chen Hong

Just a short update on the event happening at Tao, Egate. Tao is the first shop which started the ala carte buffet. That means TAO serves buffet style but by ordering from the ala carte menu. It is an Asian authentic restaurant, serving Taiwanese and Japanese delicacy. After the successful story at first shop, Tao actually expended to second branch, which is in Autocity followed by KL, Kota Damansara branch. It is actually a legend among Penang people. 

About TAO:
TAO AUTHENTIC ASIAN CUISINE is an upscale restaurant that offer ALL- U- CAN- EAT buffet with full table service, focusing on quality rather than on price. The restaurant includes specialties such as Japanese, Chinese, Thailand, and other foreign or ethnic food. Tao restaurant with 300pax sitting capacity also offers catering for special occasions such as birthday, Family gathering, anniversaries, banquets, special event, receptions and meetings.

We have introduced ALL U CAN EAT BUFFET in Penang since year 2006.The buffet concept Offer somewhat unlimited service with customer’s food ordering from the menu provided at the table. With the unlimited choices customer can order any items from the menu and they can repeat order without any limits until to dinner satisfaction. The menu has more than 130 dishes to choose. Basically all the dishes will serve in small portion for every single order. Its makes customers enjoy varieties of food from the menu. The management always will make sure the customer getting orders constantly without any delaying on food delivery by our well trained staffs.

Chef Billy with Kwang Hwa reporter at TAO.

Nicky, our light guy is full filling his duty. 

Sashimi, cheese baked oyster, lamb chop and cuttlefish. MUST EAT treats at TAO :)

ALL YOU CAN EAT, so order la as many as you can finish lo :)

It is a wonderful experience at TAO AUTHENTIC ASIAN CUISINE as i get to order all my favorite food i love :)

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Jazz ♥ 爵斯 said...

jcwalkwalk = jacgy & chen hong walk walk??

jacgy said...

... swt this 1 better i got one even worst LOL

Princess Cheryl said...

Can see that Chen Hong is giving a lot more attention on clothing. Obviously different from Malaysian. So Jacgy must make sure not to repeat wearing similar color or printed tee to match him. :P

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