Sunday, July 10, 2011 By: Chan

Pulau Aman Trip 1 - Breakfast at Sentosa Corner.

19-Jun-2011, Pulau Aman trip was planned month back, finally it is the shooting day. Lucky shooting day is after Celebrity Chef Chen Hong, else i might have to cancel the trip. So me and Stephy travel from island to Autocity to meet up with the video crew

After meeting up we decide to go makan our breakfast at Sentosa Corner which is located in Bukit Mertajam. I been there for a few times as my 2 uncle are living there :)

The front view of the shop.

I love their yam rice and pork soup ever since i tried it. Every time i pay my uncle a visit i for sure pay them a visit :)
The yam rice stall also selling this pork leg vinegar, but it don't live up to my standard as i tried better one before.  

Another must try food at Sentosa Corner is this siu pau stall. You will not miss it as the fragrant aroma from the freshly bake oven. I love the siu pau, mini kaya tart, mini chocolate tart, pineapple tart ... OMG, i love most of their pastry :) So next time when pay this place a visit make sure you tapau them home and try it.

Keep in the freeze, when want to eat. Put in the over or toaster to reheat it. You will get back the yummy aroma and soft texture again. Tau pau alot from there many times liau :)

After our breakfast we start our journey to Pulau Aman.

Interested for more adventure at Pulau Aman?

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