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Yup i know is back to back Eastin Hotel review. Both event happen back to back as well. So what is this occasion? It is an invitation to enjoy the flavorful and delicious “Seafood Supreme “cuisine at Swez Brasserie, in conjunction with Deepavali Celebration. How can i resist that?

Swez Brasserie is the buffet lounge for Eastin Hotel.

At Eastin, they offer an endless array of finest and freshest seafood harvest buffet in town from the appetizing grill fish and prawns to a tempting selection of desserts specially prepared by their master chefs. Food list shown below:

Seafood Supreme

Salad Bar
Tomato, Carrot, cucumber, Corn Kennel, Onion Ring, Lettuce
Thousand Dressing, French dressing, Italian Dressing, Vinaigrette with Condiments
Mussels Salad, Pasta Salad, Grilled Chicken Salad, Potato salad, Nicoise Salad
Cold Platter (Beef Salami and Chicken Ham)
Smoked Salmon Platter           
Smoked Mackerel Platter
Smoked Chicken Roll
Smoked Duck Breast
Egg With Seafood Mousse Terrine
Fish Roll with Chicken Mousse
Assorted Sushi & Sashimi Condiments
On Ice Box (Fresh Oyster, Mussels, Prawn, Slipper Lobster and Scallop with Condiments)

Lobster Bisque with Crispy Bacon
Shark’s Fin Soup
Bread Roll & Butter

Hot Dishes
Lobster and Chicken Pie
Grilled Lamb and Scallop Kabobs
Cheese Gratinated Oyster with Smoked Chicken
Poached Vegetables with Butter Sauce
Creamy Pumpkin Mashed with Roasted Garlic

Wok Fried Prawn with “Kam Hiong’ Sauce
Deep Fried Bacon Roll Stuffed with Prawn Mousse
Steam Whole Fish with Superior Sauce
Stir Fried Mussels ‘Kong Po’
Braised Beef Ribs ‘Uncle Style’

Lamb Tandoori
Curry Vegetable Dhall
Chicken Kapitan
Steamed plain Rice
Nasi Briyani Gam

Seafood and Meat Grilled Corner (BBQ Style)
Slipper Lobster, Fish, Prawn, Squid, Mussel, Crab, Chicken, Beef, Lamb
(BBQ Sauce, Brown Sauce, Mushroom Sauce, Butter Sauce, Cream Sauce)

Noodles Station
Szechuan Spicy Seafood Noodles Soup

Carving Station
Beef Wellington

Slices Seasonal Fresh Fruits
Dessert In cup (3 Types)
French Pastries (6 types)
Whole Cake (5 Types)
Petit Four (4 Types)
Hot Serving
Pumpkin Pudding

*Seafood Supreme buffet cost RM80++ (adult), RM40++(child), available on every Friday.

Beside that there are some charity going on to bring more light to this special day

As a part of our community event, we will be hosting a dinner for Mr. M.D. Manogaran and his grandson, M.Sharran in conjunction with Deeepavali celebration. Mr. M.D Manogaran who is the former Penang Municipal council worker together with his grandson used to live in a shack and thanks to George Town Hindu Sangam, their plight was highlighted to public.
To know more about who they are please refer to ~

They were so happy during dinner.

Ambient of the buffer lounge. Simple and clean look, don't you feel appetite?
Clockwise : Prawn Bisque, Shark's Fin Soup (Never try this cause i anti Shark's Fin), Nasi Briyan and Deep Fried Bacon Roll Stuffed With Prawn Mousse.

Clockwise : Deep Fried Bacon Roll Stuffed With Prawn Mousse, Beef Ribs "Uncle Style", Stir Fired Mussels "Kong Po", Steam Fish With Superior sauce. Ops, Bacon roll stuffed picture i put 2 times. Guess what it taste so GOOD. As for the beef ribs, it is abit hard to my liking.

Clockwise : Wok Fired Prawn "Kam Hiong Sauce", Butter Vegetable, Cheese Gratinated Oyster With Smoked Chicken and Grilled Lamb and Scallop Kabobs. The lamb on the Kabobs is on the hard side and i wish the scallop to be bigger :)

Clockwise : Mashed Polenta, Creamy Lobster Thermidor, Sayur Masak Kunyit and Ayam Masak Percik. I love the Lobster dish most cause of the fragrant in the sauce. 

Clockwise : Lamb Tandoori, Fruit, Bread Pudding and Vanilla sauce that come along. The dessert is SUPER good, especially the Vanilla sauce. Guess what they are using REAL VANILLA POD. In the market, we use to the fate vanilla essence and only litter people know how is the real Vanilla is. FYI, Vanilla Pod is the world 2nd most expensive species.

Clockwise : Petit Four, Fruit Jelly and dessert.

Clockwise : Dessert, Beef Wellington, Cold Dish Bar and Salad Bar Dish. The best dish in the buffet is Beef Wellington. It is SUPER DUPER GOOD. Is a MUST TRY dish, although it is medium raw but it is so tender and juicy. Write about it make me drill.

Some other shoot for the food :)

End the event Mr. M.D. Manogaran and his grandson, M.Sharran are given some of the goodie bag (Stationary Set- Eastin Bag, Pencil Case, Pen, Pencil, Math Set etc) and daily supply (Rice,Milk, Condensed Milk, Corn Flakes, BOH Tea etc). All of us wish Mr. M.D. Manogaran and M.Sharran had a Happy Deepavali 2011.

Left to right : The man of the buffer is Chef Lim Teng Kooi and dessert by Chef Franco Ho. Thank you for both of them for giving us such a great time in Eastin Hotel.

As i said, really surprise me that Eastin had such GREAT potential but still new to Penang People. I think they might need to do more awareness to the public regarding their food or event :)

Disclaimer: This is a personal food blog. The opinions expressed here are my own, based on my personal taste buds; others may have different opinions. Also, as we all know, qualities & standards of individual restaurants/food may change over time, so do note the time stamp on this review.


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