Monday, June 27, 2011 By: Chan

Durian hunt at Sungai Batu Durian Stall

These few months I have been hunting for durians. I am extremely disappointed to say that this year Penang Durian quality drop drastically compared to last year. This is due to the climate change and moved the durian season period. Last year durian season started early and able to avoid to bloom during raining season.

I noticed that this year durian is not "oomph" enough compared to last year. Moreover due to raining season a lot of durian drop while it is partially ripe. So we get to "enjoy" a lot of half half ripe durian.

This round we went to a Durian Stall at Sungai Batu stall just opposite a mosque. The stall consistently have walk in customers.

Durian shots :)

Does this look like porcupine???

I am the king :)

24,  RM12/kg
Creamy texture but not so sweet, medium bitterness with not much durian smell. It is a new species from the orchard. So it is still young in term of the tree. This is the 1st year they start selling it.

D14,  RM12/kg.
The texture of the DURIAN meat is watery and not creamy. Not much durian smell but it is medium sweet with low bitterness.

Kim Poh,  RM12/kg
This one got more durian aroma, creamier than D14. Medium sweet and bitterness.

Kunyit / Musang King, RM20/kg
It is called with many different names but it comes to the same type of durian. It is have strong durian aroma, creamy texture with medium sweet and bitterness.

See how small the seed is for Durian Kunyit :)

Besides Durian, they are also selling a few other kinds of fruits.
Normal Durian, RM4 ~ 5 /kg.
Rambutan and Mangosteens, RM10 per 3kg

Even their Buffet Durian Promotion (5-10pax at RM25/adult and RM15/child) shone out amongst the rest as there will be unlimited supplies of branded durians for your consumption.

Info from Crizlai
Name: Ah Joo Durian Stall
Branch Address: 1238 Jalan Bayan Lepas, 11900 Penang, Malaysia.
Contact: 017-422 2248 (Ah Joo)

Business Hours: 10.00am-12.00am (daily)
GPS: 5.285736, 100.238872
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