Monday, November 14, 2011 By: Chan

Chicago Rib House at Gurney Plaza Penang.

Pork meal is another new upcoming trend for Food section in Malaysia. Babi lover can now enjoy your babi at Gurney Plaza at Chicago Rib House. Let me walk you through Chicago Rib House during this holleween night.

Top: Heh cleaner you didn't clear the place, got spider at the ceiling :) Bottom: Ghost hand at the door.

Left to right: 1- RIP at the beverage bar. 2- Head hanging on the ceiling, after taking this picture i not sure wanted to put in the blog or not. Scare later make you no appetite to go Chicago Rib House :)

Beverage was arrange according to letter "s". Let me introduce you the 1st drink on the top to bottom. Blue color drink will start first, Ocean Mojito (alcoholic), Banana Berry, Beach Fiesta, Pine Slussy, Peach Lynch, Mai Tai (alcoholic), Apple Mojito (alcoholic), Long Island Iced Tea (alcoholic). I tried the Peach Lynch and Long Island Iced Tea. Peach lynch was good, but the Long Island Iced Tea was .... Don't fool by it name. It was not TEA, it was a mixture of 7 different type of strong liquid. The guy that ordered this had a very hard time finishing it. 

Cheese Nachos, RM17.90. This was my typical favorite of all time. Crunchy tortilla chip top with cheese, chive , tomato and shredded chicken. It come with a tomato salsa sauce and sour cream.

Trio Sampler, RM32.90. Three items were Potato Skins, Buffalo Wings and Pork Chilli Corn Carne. I always a fan of Chicago Rib House Potato skin. Oven baked potato skin with cheese & bacon on the top. It even better when you put some blue cheese sauce that serve along. Chicken wing were well marinated till it bone. Juicy but spicy that give you a kick. Chili corn carne was good too. The rich chili went well with the chips.

Oriental Wedge Salad, RM15.9. despite all the meaty stuff we going to have this evening so a fresh salad will definitely a must. So how was the salad taste like in a Ribs House? Iceberg lettuce, tomato and mandarin orange topped with lime juice, thousand island and peanut butter sauce.

Pork Ribs in Original Sauce, (Half Rack RM32.90, Full Rack RM53.90). Well marinated pork ribs was BBQ with hickory wood to infuse with additional flavor. The ribs was well cook to perfection. Meat maintain juiciness, flesh fall off from the bone easily. The BBQ sauce that came along do a fine work. You can order for more sauce if you want. The dish also come with 2 side dishes from a list to choose from. Here we had is coleslaw and french fried. 

Pork Ribs in Flaming Kansas City Sauce (Half rack RM38.90, Full rack RM59.90). Coming up is the same Pork chop with Kansas city twist. It was Pork Rib in original sauce add in one shoot of Bourbon Whiskey on the ribs and then flame it!

I had taken like 10 shoots to get the flame on my ribs. So my rib ended up with 3.5 shoots of Bourbon Whiskey. Sadly my ribs was ruined for over shoots and too much flaming going on. So don't try this at Chicago Rib House even they serve very good ribs :)

My RIB!!!! Don't it look good!

Coming up next was Grilled Bourbon Chicken, RM27.90. Two pieces of boneless chicken marinated with Bourbon sauce was perfectly grilled. End with some cheese top on top of the chicky.

8oz Pork Tenderloin for only RM32.90. Juicy Tenderloin well cook serve with some yellow rice.

Southwestern Chilli Pasta, RM22.90.

Brownie Royale, RM12.90. The dessert was smaller compare to their first launch. I was told that that was promotion of new item and also the size too big for most of the people. Sadly the dessert had string down to smaller size.

Overall experience there were GREAT. Cozy, nice and cool environment for friend and family gathering. So babi lover let go Chicago Ribs House for great BABI :)

Disclaimer: This is a personal food blog. The opinions expressed here are my own, based on my personal taste buds; others may have different opinions. Also, as we all know, qualities & standards of individual restaurants/food may change over time, so do note the time stamp on this review.


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