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Chicago Ribs House new menu review at gurney plaza Penang

Chicago Ribs House's ribs always been our favorite, we even have the special discount sticker on our credit card which give us an 10% discount every we dine in. The sticker was obtain since the first outlet in Autocity. So the sticker still mention Chicago Ribs House Autocity Penang. As you can see how big fan we were to Chicago Ribs House. 

After they close down for 2 years, they reopen in Gurney Plaza. Seem like they are doing extremely well there. Seem like location did really matter. They had a new menu, so how is the new menu doing? Let me show you what they had in the new menu :)

Left to right, Tropical orange freeze, RM8.90. It contain pineapple and orange blended into a freezing cold ice, surprisingly taste awesome. Strawberry lemonade, RM7.90. A combination of sprite and strawberry, nah i am not a fan of gassy drink so i pass on this.
New Starter for CRH were Hot Buffalo Wings, which are deep fried wing coated with three choice of Honey BBQ, Spicy Sauce or Sweet Thai Chili and served with celery sticks and sour cream.

Hot buffalo wing honey BBQ coated, RM19.90

Hot buffalo wings coated with thai chili sauce, RM19.90

This is definitely a cheese fan heaven dish! Imagine delicious tortilla chips mixed with alot of cheese spread on the top. Serve with some salsa, mayonnaise and special spicy sauce. Cheese Nachos, RM14.90. The only sad thing is it is not bottomless :)

One of the new pasta in the menu is Shrimp Olio, fettuccine tossed with piles of shrimp in scampi sauce. Shrimp Olio, RM30.90.

Burger been a all time favorite for western food. Any burger lover here? If yes, here is your perfect meal for the rest of your life :)

There are 2 new burger in the house, they are Bacon Onion Cheese Burger, a juicy onion and bacon stuffed hamburgers; and Hickory BBQ Bacon Burger, a juicy burger loaded with Hickory barbeque sauce, topped with crispy bacon and cheese.

Bacon Onion Cheese (BOC) Burger, RM24.90
Hickory BBQ Bacon Burger, RM25.90

Pork ribs with grilled Salmon a combo set in the new menu. The pork ribs is one of the best selling dish in the menu. Guess what now you got another extra flavor in the plate. Chicago's Pork Ribs With Grilled Salmon, RM49.90

Tired of same of pork rib? Here is a new item for you to try out. This dish is very unique, it is actually minced pork that deep fried into a fillet serve with homemade gravy. Country Fried Pork, RM28.90

Green salad with chicken, tomatoes, onions, cheese, bacon and serve in a "bowl" flour tortilla. Tortilla Salad, RM25.90.

Still can resist the drooling temptation?

So Chocolate Mud Pie, can you resist this? This is a whole new dessert menu. I know someone that ate this alone :) Chocolate Mud Pie, RM14.90
Here i would like to thank you two beautiful gal that make this review a memorable one. They are :

Li Lian

Regene Siah

Disclaimer: This is a personal food blog. The opinions expressed here are my own, based on my personal taste buds; others may have different opinions. Also, as we all know, qualities & standards of individual restaurants/food may change over time, so do note the time stamp on this review.


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