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Poreo Beach Party At Bora Bora By Sunset Penang

3rd Sep 2011 Bora Bora By sunset at Batu Ferringhi, Penang had marked another history. Bora Bora had organized a Beach Party!!! (dress theme : pareo). I am honor to be invited by the lady boss, Melynda Soon to attend this very fun & syok event. Party start at 8.00pm but i went there earlier. Of cause for the SUNSET! 

I reached there around 7.00pm which is a perfect timing, the sun almost set. Below are a series of sunset photo i took for the duration of 25 minute.

Clockwise : 1- 1st shoot was at 7.05pm, still able to see bright sun turning into orange. 2- Close up shoot alight with the motorboat.  3- The sun turning to more orange in just a few minute. 4- Sun is near to the kakilangit.

It is like a beautiful painting, butt this perfect moment don't last long doh. So within few sec. The sun was swallowed by the sea. It is time to get back to the Bora Bora by Sunset PARTY!!!

Left to right : 1- The stage taken while i arrived. 2- During the party started at 8.00pm, everything was perfect for a BEACH PARTY.
 Let me show you how syok was the party, a picture worth more then a thousand words. 

Team that make Bora Bora by Sunset a wonderful place.

Next were the beer drinking competition. Here you can see a total of 6 gals contestant. They will have to compete with an opponent in finishing the beer first.  

See how the gals do it like guys or even better?

Here you go, the gals winner for the contest.

Next were the guys competition.

One of the contestant pair that need to rematch because they didn't followed the rules of the contest or they were drunk even before the contest? Second round challenge, difficulty increase. They will have to drink the beer through straws.

Sam Ong was one of the drinker in the competition. Isn't him cute :)

The heat go on with dance performance :)

There were a lot dancer on the floor but this particular one (Wipeout Jacob) i must take photo with. Tell me why? Cause of the coconut la :)

Am i that fair? Even a tourist told me that i shocked her cause i am fairer then her...

Next to come was Best Pareo dressing competition.

Close up on some of contestants. I had a good felling the brown pareo gal might win the contest and for guys, Scottish hat have potential. Let see later. 

Enjoy the real time event :)

Ops, correct for the guy and not for the gal. Anyway congratulate them for winning a bottle of wine.

Bora Bora set up a table to sell the Pareo, RM20. There are a lot of choices and design on sales.

Next to come LADYBOY, this was some thing about the secretary. I am not sure what was it about this game but it definitely fun seeing the LADYBOY torturing people :)

 Follow up was fire performance by Anita, don't try this at home ya :)


Night still young, fun don't end here. Bora Bora even light up the firework.

YMCA moment with the crowd.

Firework moment.

Just to show off, i were seated at the VIP seating. The seat just opposite the DJ station, ON STAGE. Photo show that how near i were to the performance. Beside that i had the best view in the party :)

Finally i would like to thank all the master mind behind the scene. Especially Melynda Soon, Phillip Gunter, art director and Chef Mady Ahmad. Poor chef have to BBQ the food at a corner without lighting. So he have to use touch light to BBQ, how cute was that :)

Last but not least, DJ of the party.
Thank you to all the hard work that made this wonderful night. Can't wait for the next party. For those who missed this wonder night, you can look forward for Bora Bora next party. I hear it will be more sexy and less cloth.

For this round i never mention about, not that i never ate but the lighting is so bad that i can hardly shoot my food.

Disclaimer: This is a personal food blog. The opinions expressed here are my own, based on my personal taste buds; others may have different opinions. Also, as we all know, qualities & standards of individual restaurants/food may change over time, so do note the time stamp on this review.


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