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World Finest Coffee Dome Cafe 1st Avenue Penang

Dome had been is one of the oldest Australian restaurant that ever remember. They served great food and great place for a cup of coffee with friend and family.

1st Avenue Dome

Great ambient with all the fancy and cool interior design that attract us to dine in.

If you are a smoker or having a party at Dome.

Else you probably can dine in at their air-con area.

Looking for a snack?

Or cakes?

More Cake and beverage. 

Mango Fandango, RM16.50. It is a real mango puree with yogurt. It is rich and smooth.

Berry Blis, RM19.50. It is a mixture of raspberry, strawberry and blueberry.

Coffee Twister, RM19.00. 

It is a mixture of espresso and chocolate as well as freshly roasted coffee bean. Dust of chocolate  powder on the  whipping cream.

Apple Crush, RM13.00. Fresh apple blended with honey with ice shaving. 

My all time favorite, Honeycomb Goldrush (RM19.00, back). Blended golden honeycomb chocolate and topped with big chunks of big piece of delicious honeycomb chocolate. Front, Caramel nut crush (RM20.00). Blended and topped with big chunks of chocolate filled with peanuts and caramel wafer. 

After tasting all the beverage i still prefer my all time favorite, HoneyComb Goldrush.

Seafood Chowder , RM22.00. A soup filled with various fresh seafood such as fish, prawn, mussels, and squid rings. Served with fresh baguette slices. Super B!!!

The Original, RM26.00. Dome's Special sauce, mozzarella  cheese, roasted capsicum, red onion. Topped with fresh slices tomato and basil pesto. 

Vegetable Pizza, RM26.00. Dome's Special sauce, mozzarella  cheese, roasted capsicum, red onion. Topped with black olive and artichoke hearts. 

Fisherman platter, RM32.00. This appetizer come with crispy fish fillet, tempura calamari and prawn. Served with fresh Green salad and three different sauce.

Fisherman platter closed up.

Cajun Chicken Drumettes, RM12.00. MUST TRY!!!

Caramelized honey marinated chicken, dusted with cajun species and serve with fresh green salad. 

Smoked salmon, RM28.00. Filled with smoked salmon, cream cheese and vege. Served with wedges and sour cream. 

Thai Chicken Salad, RM19.00. Juicy grilled chicken served with thai chili sauce and fresh vegetable. Overall i don't really like it but the grilled chicken was heavenly good. 

Fish & Chip, RM28.00. (Seabase, RM34.00). 

Come with fries, fresh salad and sauces.

One of the must try item at Dome was their Gourmet Chicken Pie, RM25.00. I was first introduce by Dome about this golden pastry cap soup. 

It also come with sauteed vegetable. 

Nasi Lemak, RM23.00.

Come with chicken or beef rendang, coconut infused rice and traditional condiments.  

One of the best meal of the night, spicy olio pasta, RM23.00. Your choice of pasta tossed with fresh herb, chili flakes, garlic, red capsicum, spinach, parsley and zucchini. 

The LOT burger, RM27.00. Really huge beef burger. 

It contain grilled 100% Beef, egg, beef rasher, lettuce, tomato relish, cheddar, mustard mayo, fresh tomato and toasted focaccia bun. Fries as side dish for big eater. 

After all the meal that gone in, that is the hardest part to finish :)

Where can end dinner without dessert from Dome?

Cakes from the front counter.


Want one slice of this? 

Dome Café
Add: 1st Avenue Shopping Mall
Tel: +604 261 0800
GPS: N5 24.784 E100 19.868

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