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Chinese Cuisine at Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Penang

In conjunction of Mid-Autumn Festival which is available during lunchy, hi-tea and dinner at Swez Brasserie from 1st – 31st September 2012. 

Herbal Chicken Soup 药材鸡汤. A very tasty soup with pack of traditional Chinese herbs such as wolfberries, angelica root, solomon’s sea and dates. As a Cantonese we love soup so much that almost everyone and everyday we get a big bowl of soup for every meal. 

Kerabu Jellyfish 生捞海蜇
It is quite a great appetizer. Sour,  sweet and crunchy texture really get you ready for a hunger feast. 

Fried Rice Wrapped with Lotus Leaf 荷叶炒饭
Rice always been a main diet in Chinese cuisine. To cook a great dish with this ingredient will be a mission for Chinese cook. Simple meal cum delicious always the hardest. 

Stir Fry Vegetable 清炒蔬菜
assorted vegetables sautéed to perfection. 

Roasted Marinated with Garlic Chicken 大蒜烤腌鸡
A very common dish among all Chinese. Too bad the condiment were not flavorful enough for me.

Roasted Marinated with Garlic Chicken 大蒜烤腌鸡

Garlic sauce :)

Sweet and Sour Fish 糖醋鱼片
Love the sauce very much which goes well with the fried fish fillet. 

Double Boiled Snow Fungus with Dates 红枣炖雪耳
Our sweet ending was great, rock sugar double boiled snow fungus with dates. Rock sugar always a great ingredient for cooking dessert as it increases the flavor of the dessert. 

Eastin hotel petaling jaya had produce mooncakes for the mid autumn. There are 6 flavor for you to choose from,
1. red bean pastes (RM 16.50)
2. assorted fruits & nuts with chicken bits (RM 17)
3. jade custard (RM 17)
4. low sugar white lotus (RM 17.50)
5. golden honey grapefruit with pineapple (RM 17.50)
6. lotus paste single yolk (RM 18)

all takeaway mooncakes are subject to 6% service tax while dine-in mooncakes will be subjected to 10% service charge and 6% service tax. you can place your order via calling Swez Brasserie at             +604 6121128       OR fax +604 612 1199 OR email to
Swez Brasserie
GF Eastin Hotel,
1 Solok Bayan Indah, Queensbay
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.
            +604 6121128      
Lunch: Monday – Friday
1200 – 1430
RM 48++ (adult), RM 24++(child)
Hi-Tea: Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays
1200 – 1500
RM 55++ (adult), RM 28++ (child)
Hi-Tea: Festive Occasions
1200 – 1500
RM 68++ (adult), RM 34++ (child)
Semi Buffet Dinner: Monday – Thursday
1830 – 2200
from RM 48++ per person
September Credit Card Promotions
MAYBANKARD, VISA, CIMB, and UOB card members, guests can enjoy 15% discount for Chinese Cuisine Buffet Dinner ( Monday – Thursday) and Weekend Buffet Dinner (Friday – Sunday) from time 1830 – 2200.
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