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Weekend Penang -> Kuala Lumpur trip summary 4- IKEA restaurantDark

IKEA restaurant before hit the road going back Sungai Dua home sweet home A.K.A 43 Cafe

Weekend Penang -> Kuala Lumpur trip summary

1- Under Big Tree, Ipoh
2- Grand Hyatt, Kuala Lumpur (Coming Soon, stay tune)
5- Home Sweet Home A.K.A 43 Cafe

Our dinner before we hit the road, simply delicious.

15 Pcs of Ikea  Swedish Meatballs, RM14.  It come with a special gravy which was very good. Beside that is also come with some lingonberry jam. A strawberry like sauce but less sweet n a little sourish. It is a MUST TRY item from IKEA restaurant. 

Mushroom soup, RM3. It taste like Campbell mushroom canned soup but with extra mushroom blended in for extra flavor and texture. It got a very strong flavor and kick in it. A dash of pepper will make it better :)

Poached Salmon. Not to my liking but Cyn ok with it. It had the smelly fishy smell which i didn't like and come with a mild sauce. Boiled potato and some vegetable came with it. It is a healthy dish doh.

Dark Chocolate Almond cake, RM4.90 which we feel it is better then the Daim cake IKEA used to served. Less sweet and taste better. 

Disclaimer: This is a personal food blog. The opinions expressed here are my own, based on my personal taste buds; others may have different opinions. Also, as we all know, qualities & standards of individual restaurants/food may change over time, so do note the time stamp on this review.


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