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Weekend Penang -> Kuala Lumpur trip summary 1- Under big tree, Ipoh

Weekend Penang -> Kuala Lumpur trip summary

1- Under Big Tree, Ipoh
2- Grand Hyatt, Kuala Lumpur (Coming Soon, stay tune)
5- Home Sweet Home A.K.A 43 Cafe

This place was introduced by my friend, Ant when i told her that i used to go for chicken rice while i am in Ipoh. She told me i should pay this place a visit. As it is a very popurlar makan place. So during the short trip i decided to pay them a visit.

The name of the place described why it is called under big tree. It is actually a hawker place where Yong tau fu seem to be very very famous. See it to believe it. This is actually the old location, they had a nicer environment stall and much more hygiene just next door. They were the same owner. I was told that here is their fong sui place even thought they opened another new place they maintain this area.

The food price is very reasonable. I would like to say super cheap compare to Penang. 

All the people is crawling around the Yong Tau Fu stall. 

It was the first time we went there so we had no idea how to order. We just simply choose some of the items and give to the gal in charge. She never ask me what soup i wanted also. So it came with clean soup. Later i was told that i must try their laksa soup which is very delicious. Anyway we were in rush to KL during the drop by lunch, so i ask the gal how long i needed to wait. She reply me saying not sure but needed to wait. I cal my bowl was at row number 5 half n hour ago, move to row 2. So i guess it was fast because they just put in the soup for you without further cooking require. 

Beverage served here was good, beside that the lady boss was pretty too :) We waited for a while that no one asked us for drink so i self serviced. 

Siting in front the satay lady which was very friendly. We chit chat while we were waiting for the food to come. She told me that during Sunday business are the peak. She was able to sell 2000++ satay per day. I didn't ordered the satay because we were fulled. Anyway the smell from the satay were good :) She was selling chicken, pork and intestine satay. Will try out the next round i promised her :) 

The ambient was so cozy during the hot afternoon. 

Love those old chair. Heh focus on the chair not the sexy legs ok!!!

My yummylicious drink, RM3.50 for the green bean + red bean blend. RM1.50 for the barley. The Green bean  + Red bean blend were so delicious will definitely go for it again :)

Finally our food came, all the items were good. Will come over to try out the laksa soup next time. Tips to get faster is don't order the noodle, after selecting the fried thingie ask for soup and self service. You can get it in 15min, where else you will have to wait for hour for them to deliver to you.

Remember to park inside their car park, it is FREE. Don't park next door car park as they will charge you RM3. 


652, Jalan King, Pasir Pinji,
31650 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

Tel : 6012-524 5408 (Rico)

Business Hours : 8.30am – 5.30pm

GPS Coordinates: 4.582339,101.086384

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